World Computer Literacy Day 2022: Why Is It Observed? 10 Interesting Facts That You Should Know

World Computer Literacy Day 2022: The day is observed annually to expand the usage of computers to women and children. Read on to know more about this day.

World Computer Literacy Day 2022: Why Is It Observed? 10 Interesting Facts That You Should Know
World Computer Literacy Day 2022: (Image Credits: Freepik)

WORLD Computer Literacy Day is observed on December 02 every year to highlight the importance of computer literacy which is quite essential in today's time. This day is observed with the aim to create awareness and drive literacy in underserved communities worldwide. This special day tends to promote technological skills worldwide in humans, especially in women and children.

This day was originally formulated by the Indian computer company NIIT and was first observed in the year 2001. NIIT observed that in most parts of the world, the major users of computers were only men and were restricted to women and children. Moreover, every year the day is observed along with a theme. This year's theme has not been disclosed yet, however, the theme for World Computer Literacy Day 2021 was 'Literacy for human-centred recovery: Narrowing the digital divide."

Interesting Facts About Computer Literacy

1. The first electronic computer ENIAC weighed more than 27 tons and took up 1800 square feet.

2. Internet users made up 55% of the world population in June 2018. Even though Asia carries 55% of the world's population, only 49% use the internet.

3. Johann Henrich von Muller conceptualised a computer on paper, called the Difference Engine, in 1786.

4. The first hard disk cost $40,000 and weighed 550 lbs.

5. Only about 8-10% of the world’s currency is physical money. The rest is in online banking, in-network currencies, etc.

6. The worst computer breach that ever happened was experienced by the U.S. military. Here, foreign intelligence hackers used a random memory stick found in a parking lot by an employee to execute their operations.

7. About 5000 new computer viruses are created every month.

8. A computer can interfere with the normal blinking of a human being. While a normal human being can blink up to 20 times a minute when not using a computer, things are different when a computer is involved, as one can blink only seven times a minute.

9. Intel first created a 4004 microprocessor that was meant for a calculator. Many people were unsure of the final destination of the invention.

10. The most expensive computer virus in history goes by the name of MyDoom. The virus caused estimated damage of $38 billion, and shortly after its launch in 2004; it became the fastest-spreading tool of spreading viruses ever.

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