World Chocolate Day 2022: From Wasabi To Mushroom, Unique Chocolate Flavours You Must Try

World Chocolate Day 2022: For all chocolate lovers July 7th is a treat day. It gives people the perfect reason to enjoy chocolate-rich delicacies. Scroll to know more

By Ashita Singh
Wed, 06 Jul 2022 03:16 PM IST
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World Chocolate Day 2022: From Wasabi To Mushroom, Unique Chocolate Flavours You Must Try

Chocolates are delicious treats that can easily make one's day. On July 7th each year, World Chocolate day is celebrated for the whole world to indulge in the sweet feeling of getting treats. As the day is upon us, chocolate lovers all over the world are more excited than ever. Although, people do not need any day to express their love for chocolate this occasion just gives all the chocolate lovers to enjoy their favourite sweet.

Each person has their favourite flavour or a specific amount in which they intake the chocolates. Some sweet tooths prefer all things sweet while some like bitter and dark chocolates. There are different ranges of chocolate for every person. Be it milk, dark or white the craze for this sweet delicacy is too much everywhere. You must be aware of some more flavours of chocolate like orange or rose but here are some more interesting chocolate flavours that are surely intriguing.

For chai lovers, this match is made in heaven. Chai chocolate adds the original flavour of the beverage to the goodness of chocolate. Not only that, spices like cloves, cinnamon and ginger are also present in this dessert.

Sea salt chocolate:

At first, the idea of mixing sea salt and chocolate might seem strange at first. But just take a bite of this treat and you will not be able to stop yourself from raving about it. The addition of sea salt crystals actually dilutes the sweetness of the chocolate.

Bacon Chocolate

Show the world your bacon love. Who said bacon can only be savoury? There are bacon-flavoured chocolate bars available out there for true bacon lovers. Vegetarians, strictly stay away.

Mushroom Chocolate

This might sound weird but in this mushroom chocolate, Dried mushrooms and Peruvian dark chocolate ganache is hand-dipped in nutty Columbian chocolate to create these special truffles.

Wasabi chocolate

Don't be surprised with this spicy condiment in the chocolate, it might sound weird but it's very much a thing. Wasabi, also called Japanese horseradish, has several health benefits. Combining the pungent plant with chocolate creates a great treat for anyone who can tolerate a little bit of heat in their dessert.

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