New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: World Chocolate Day 2021 is celebrated across the globe on July 7 and people enjoy the delicious flavor of chocolate. Chocolates can always lift one's mood and make an individual happy. Chocolates are not only mouth-watering but also help in making a person's mood better. One can enjoy chocolate in any form, whether it's dark chocolate bars, gooey brownies, truffle cakes, or chocolate pastry.

However, earlier chocolates were only used in drinking form and were really bitter in taste. Now chocolate has evolved in many different forms. Meanwhile, it also has various health benefits. According to various studies, it is said that chocolates have several health benefits including keeping your heart healthy and making your memory strong.

Some of the health benefits of chocolates are as followed:

1. Chocolate keeps your heart healthy: According to different studies, the food item contains flavonoids and it can help an individual's veins and arteries soft and supple. Another study's result showed that chocolate can reduce the risk of heart attack by 36 per cent.

2. Chocolate makes your memory strong: Various research has shown, when elderly people had an intake of formulated cocoa extracts that were high in flavanols, it helped them with stronger and sharp memory as their cognitive function improved.

3. Chocolate always lightens up the mood: Everyone loves that sweet sugar rush after having a bite of chocolate. It is believed that eating chocolate can help improve your mood. Not only that but chocolate is also very effective with mood swings.

4. Chocolate brings down cholesterol levels: According to a study, dark chocolate can help you bring down the LDL cholesterol levels and it will also help to improve the health of your heart.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen