New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Chocolates are that sweet meals that everyone loves and cannot ignore. Meanwhile, chocolates not only relish your taste buds but also improve your health in various ways. Chocolates are helpful in enhancing cognitive abilities and reduce cardiovascular problems. Dark chocolates can be an even better option for insulin resistance and great skin. There are several types of chocolates available in the market. So, on this World Chocolate Day 2021, we bring you 5 different types of chocolates you must try.

5 different types of chocolates

Milk Chocolate: This chocolate contains about 10% of pure chocolate with cocoa butter and sugar. It has more of a vanilla flavour and was initially made for people allergic to cocoa. Usually, it is used for making toppings for baked treats or as fillings and icings.

White Chocolate: As suggested by the name, this chocolate is slightly whitish in colour and is made from cocoa butter, sugar and other milk solids. It also has vegetable oil with cocoa smell and flavour. It is mostly used for frosting and other decorative purposes.

Dark Chocolate: Commonly known for its bitter taste, Dark chocolate has very little amount of sugar and more chocolate instead. However, it is a healthier option due to being rich in antioxidants. About 30 to 60 grams of Dark chocolate is good for health.

Gianduja Chocolate: This chocolate is made from blending hazelnuts into a paste. It has a smooth texture and can be easily spread on a loaf of bread. It's more like Nutella which is used as a substitute to jam. If you are a Nutella lover, you must try this.

Couverture Chocolate: This is a bar of high-quality chocolate that has cocoa butter and a mild dose of chocolate liquor. It requires to be tempered carefully. This chocolate melts easily in a month and is used for dipping, coating and garnishing.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan