Winter Skincare: 4 Tips To Choose The Right Serum For A Glowing Skin

Serums are one of the most beneficial additions to your winter skincare routine. They are the best treatment for your skin problems caused by dry and cold weather.

Winter Skincare: 4 Tips To Choose The Right Serum For A Glowing Skin
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BEAUTY SKINCARE is a vital routine for healthy and glowing skin. From cleansers and toners to moisturisers and exfoliating, choosing the right skincare products play a major role in achieving skincare goals. One such skin care essential is serums. Serums are known to be light on the skin and easily absorbed water-based liquids which provide smooth and shiny skin. They are gentle and safe on the skin and are recommended by experts for daily skincare routines.

Winter season tends to dry out the skin leading to many skincare problems. however, a serum is the ultimate solution for most of them. Serums in winter provide much-required hydration which allows the skin to breathe and rejuvenate. It acts as a barrier and protects the skin from a cold environment.

How To Choose The Right Serum For Your Skin?

Different skin types such as sensitive, dry or combinations of skin require contrasting skincare products. To choose the right serum for you, refer to the tips below.

1. Know Your Skin Type

Before choosing any skincare product, be it a serum, one must be aware of their skin type. To know your skin type, follow either the bare face method or the blotting sheet method. The bare face method includes cleansing with a mild cleanser and examining the T-zone of the face after 30 minutes.

The blotting sheet method is effective in differentiating between oily and dry skin types. To know your skin type using this method, take a blotting paper and gently pat on different areas of your face. If the blotting paper is soaked with oil, it means you most likely have oily skin. If you notice oil from the nose, forehead and chin, you likely have combination skin, whereas, if you see no oil on the blotting paper, you likely have a dry skin type.

2. Consistency

Face serums are lightweight gel-type formulas. Therefore, before investing in any serum type, take a few drops and massage on the back of your hands. Observe whether it takes longer to absorb into your skin, or if is it leaving a sticky layer on your skin. If you feel yes to the questions above, you might need to reconsider buying that serum. Choose a serum which is non-sticky and lightweight and gets quickly absorbed by your skin.

3. Check Ingredients

Checking the ingredients of the skincare products is a must exercise. Make a list of ingredients that go well with your skin type and consider a serum consisting of all those ingredients.

4. Check Your Budget

The market is flooded with different types of serums with numerous ranges. However, finding the best-suited serum for your skin within your budget is a big task. Give time while choosing your serum. The average range of serums today is from 500 - 1000 INR.

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