New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The third week of November is here and it is going to bring some changes in your life. To give you a better knowledge about zodiac signs and how your week is likely to go, we are here to tell you about the weekly horoscope of your sun sign. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you started your week by already knowing about what’s going to come your way? So read here to check out what’s in store for you today:


The starting of the week is going to be in your favour. You are going to perform with the fullest on the lined up projects. The middle of the week is going to be troublesome for you. Singles are likely to get the match, You are suggested to take care of your health. Students should focus more on studies and should avoid taking shortcuts. In the last days of the week, the moon is going to turn in your favour and you will be able to succeed.


At the beginning of the week, you will be pretty busy with the hectic work. You are likely to get promoted this week. By the mid of the week, the moon will turn in your favour and you will feel healthy. The last days of the week are not going to turn in your favour, you will feel gloomy and lonely. Those who are in a relationship should avoid making a decision on pointless topics.


At the beginning of the week, the moon is in your favour and it will offer yu peace of mind. By the mid of teh week, you will develop an interest in research, study, and information. The last couple of days are going to be very crucial and lucky for you. You will resolve issues with your spouse. You may also plan a trip with your significant half.


At the starting of the week, you are likely to feel depressed. You will also try to move out somewhere else but you need to keep the patience. By the mid of the week, you are going to get ready for the short term course that will give you the intellectual thought and buildup in life. The last days of the week are going to be all sorted and you will spend quality time with your lover.


This week, you may feel low. You are likely to face some health problems. You will face several mood swings. Your business partners will ditch you. Your subordinates are going to be with you in your tough call, which can create a good team at work.


The starting of the week is going to turn lucky for you. Mid of the week, you might face some health problems. . Your losses will convert into profits. You will start performing on a project which can offer you advantages in the long term


Romance is on the cards and you don't want to skip the lovely time with beau. Wealth, honour, fame and fame will increase. The responsibility of the child will be fulfilled. You will get support from your family.


Moon is in your favour in the starting of the week. You are likely to get fame and success soon. You may decorate your home with new paintings and items. There may be guests over in the evening that will make you very happy.


Your destiny will help you to bring new opportunities, which will able to offer sudden results in a positive way The appreciation of work you are waiting for will be delayed but will not be denied. Take care of your health. Stay patient.


This week you will get fame, success. Your relations with your life partner will get improved. The family will support you in making new decisions. You will be able to control your opponents and enemies.


At the starting of the week, moon is in your favour. You know your cards and you play them well to your advantage. There may be a catch though, keep yourself guarded. Long run work will be accomplished. Will get the support and companionship of a spouse


This week you will spend quality time with friends and family. You will resolve several issues with the assistance of your speech. Your family and friends are going to support you in making a decision. You will find yourself in the mood for socializing. You will likely invite friends over to dinner at your place in the evening.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma