New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It's important to plan your things for a balanced life, and in doing so weekly horoscope will help you in planning your upcoming weekend accordingly. The astrological prediction will give you a fair idea as to what this coming week has in store for you what challenges you are likely to face. So scroll down and have a look at your weekly horoscope:


This week you are likely to complete all your pending and present work on time, even if, it means staying up late. Seeing your hard work, your seniors and boss might appreciate you, and by the end of the week, you might receive new responsibility in terms of promotion. However, this will take a toll on your health, and you might experience stress, anxiety and dullness. There are chances that someone close to your heart might turn up to you for help. You are advised to keep a check on your eating and drinking habits as there are chances of health issues.


You may feel disappointed, dull and upset due to the negative moon. However, with the blessings of elders, you will overcome all the messy situations. You are likely to experience some trouble at the workplace as a confused colleague migh overload you with his projects. You will not get the support of your subordinates or loved ones when needed. So you are advised to stay calm and practice meditation.


This week is going to be full of joy as people around you will be highly impressed by your hidden skills. Your boss might offer you a promotion to acknowledge your excellent work. Your losses will convert to profits, and this will boost your financial health. On the personal front, you are likely to spend some quality time with your family and friends. This is the best time to express your love and care for them. You are likely to spend some romantic time with your spouse or lover, this will enhance your bonding and will bring harmony to the relationship.


You are likely to experience ups and downs in both your professional and personal life. So you are advised to take a break and think about where you are going wrong. Self-analysis mode will help you in understanding your surroundings and will also enhance your confidence. A friend might help you in overcoming the messy situation. Those who are handling the business are likely to implement an innovative idea to improve liquidity and financial health.


This week is all about taking a step back and rethinking the problems that are troubling you, whether it's related to changing your job, starting a new venture, or starting a new chapter, etc. You are advised to take the advice of your elders as they might help you in solving difficult situation that you are facing. You are likely to plan on studying further to enhance your skills and career.


You are likely to experience a temporary setback, but don't let this affect your work efficiency, otherwise, your opponents might use this opportunity to pull you down. With the blessing of elders, you will overcome all the messy situations, however, you are advised to not let negative thoughts bother you. Lover birds are advised to not engage in worthless topics as it might strain their relationship or can also lead to a breakup. So you are advised to act sensibly when taking any major decision in your life.


This week you are likely to witness a change in your life both professionally and personally. Your work routines will go haywire, things will not fall as planned, and a shift in job is expected. People around you will change a bit so, you are advised to upgrade your knowledge and skills, otherwise, people will look down upon you. Those handling businesses might witness a boost in financial health after implementing the innovative idea to boost liquidity. You are likely to spend some quality time with your family.


This week you are likely to strive for balance in all the spheres such as professionally, financially or personally. You are advised to either bring moderation in your lifestyle or avoid spending money, too much purchasing might affect your financial health. On the work front, you are advised to divide your work as it will help you in completeing the task on time. Talking about your love life, you are advised to take a step back and see who is giving too much to enhance the relationship.


This week is going to be filled with love and positivity as you will be surrounded by the well-wishers. You are likely to enjoy your work to the fullest, and you might expect new responsibility in terms of promotion. This will boost your confidence, and you might work more hard in achieving success. You might enter a new phase if you pay attention to the signals of someone special. You are either going to fall in love or take one step further, that is, you might start a new chapter of your life. So you are advised to give a think thoroughly before taking any step regarding your personal life.


You are likely to be happy and relaxed as you will be blessed by a positive mood. This will boost your work efficiency and you might complete all your tasks on time. Seeing this your boss might appreciate your and give new responsibility in terms of promotion. This will boost your confidence and you are likely to put in double efforts to prove your mettle. Also, you are advised to accept your feelings for someone special and take a step further to confess. Don't try to be a messiah by taking the blame on your head for everything that goes wrong. Let the person who is responsible for the mess deal with it.


You may plan to start a new venture or change your career completely as you don't want to get into the rat race. You want to build your own identity and be your own master. Talking about your love life, an ex-lover might knock on your door for patch up. So before you get carried away, you are advised to give a good thought before accepting them back in your life. If you are ready to go through the same old problems then you are welcome to go ahead.


This week you are advised to take a break from your busy schedule otherwise it might take a toll on you and you end up getting sick. Multi-tasking will not help in completeing your task rather it will pile your work so go easy on yourself and take up the project one by one. You are advised to not engage in office gossip as it may lead to serious consequences. Ignore people around you and focus on your work. Talking about the love life, it is important to have some little space so give your partner little space to breathe otherwise your relationship might suffocate to death.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv