New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: January 2022 has just begun, and we are all set to unfold the first full week from January 3, 2022. It's time to bid adieu to 2021 and make a fresh new beginning with the upcoming week. From monitoring financial gains, health to career success and obstacles, all are based on the planetary movements. So if you are wondering how your upcoming week will be then, scroll down below, and have a look at the weekly horoscope. It will help you in planning out your day accordingly.


All your hard work done in the past will be paid off this month. You will get a hike in your salary with incentives. There are also bright possibilities for freshers to find a suitable job or start something of their own. Those of you who are single can get marriage proposals. Some of you could be blessed with a child this year. This is a good period to attain high status in your job. Those working in the field of public life can achieve favourable results. There will be opportunities in your career to travel abroad.


Those in business will have a lot of gains and profits. There will be growth in career, and those unemployed will get a job. A new job responsibility can be given to you. Your professional bonding will improve, and may have better coordination with your subordinates and the other team members. This is a good time to invest in property. On the family side, the health of your mother needs to be supervised. Your relationship with elder siblings will improve. Students will have a favourable time as their focus and attention in their studies will improve.


This week you will have new goals and desires. There will be positive changes in your professional life. You will have some sudden financial gains. Entrepreneurs will be able to make better profits and expand their business, which will enhance their source of earning. The month will bring luck and success in business and in any kind of partnership work. You will get help from influential people. Income from multiple sources is indicated. Those in a relationship are advised to introspect. Newly married couples will be blessed with a child.


This week will be favourable, especially for those who are into the real estate or property dealing business. They will crack some good deals. Those who are planning to buy a house or make renovations in their house will get support from near and dear ones. This month is also favourable if you are planning to have some rental business or let out your property for rental income. The health of family members needs to be taken care of. Professionally, you may feel lost, distracted and stressed as your plans will take time to materialise. Personally, you can face misunderstandings with your partner due to the intervention of family or friends in your relationship.


You will set high targets and will successfully achieve them. You will be able to resolve the problems you have been facing in the past. The planetary position can give rise to some health problems, hence take good care, else it can lead to a good professional relationship with your seniors and boss. This will directly impact your reputation at work and increase the possibility of landing a promotion or increment. Your bond with your extended family and friends will improve.


You will enjoy abundant wealth and financial prosperity at the beginning of the week. There may be difficulties with which you may be able to deal with confidence. There will be positive energy around you. You will get plenty of motivation and inspiration to work harder. Corporate professionals can expect a promotion. Individuals who are planning to change their industry will be successful. Utilise your experience in the workplace to save yourself from getting into any unexpected situation. However, things can go downhill on the health front, and you are prone to suffer from minor issues relating to your stomach.


This week will inspire you to work harder. Changes and opportunities will be the norm this year. The time is also beneficial for freshers as they may get their dream job. This period will be good for students who are preparing for Law, Chartered accountancy and administrative jobs. Those who are employed may get good incentives and increments due to their capabilities. However, do not overexert yourself. Those who are planning to move out from their native place for studies will get good opportunities and will be able to enrol in the university of their choice. This month will also bring good gains from business. You can plan to construct your house or purchase a property.


You need to be cautious about your public image. The employed natives will also be able to dictate their terms at their workplace and will be in a commanding position. There are possibilities of increments and promotions. You may earn from more than one source or expansion of your business. Students can start earning from their hobbies. Your relationship with your children will improve, and they will do some things which will make you feel proud. You should plan more recreational activities. You may suffer from eye infections.


When it comes to money or finances, you need to be prudent, else there can be financial problems. You are advised not to invest money in any speculative business as you may land up into losses. You will perform better in your business and will be recognised. In the second half of the month, your domestic life will be harmonious. Students can face distractions in their studies due to peer pressure. They can also face concentration issues. The time will be favourable for those who are in a romantic relationship. The intensity of love and passion in the relationship will increase. Also, singles have bright chances of getting committed in a romantic relationship.


This week you may make new friends and expand your network by making influential contacts. There will be peace and happiness in the family, and an atmosphere of joy will prevail for most of the year. This time period will be beneficial for businessmen, especially those who are into the family business. You will make some good profits and gains from your work. Also, there may be some sudden gain from stuck up resources. Your speech will be a bit harsh, therefore be careful while talking to anyone as your rude words may hurt your near and dear ones. Healthwise, issues of self and family members may be the reason for your mental stress during this year.


Your savings will improve during this week. You will get support from your immediate family in all your endeavours. You will plan frequent celebrations with your friends and family to mark your success. Those who plan to expand their business will get success. Government employees will have bright chances of a transfer. There are also possibilities of a change in job for those who have been looking for one. The time is favourable for short journeys as they will bring productive results. You will have to be careful while talking to your siblings and friends as your harsh words and aggressive gesture may bring differences in your relationship.


This week will be empowering for your personal self; you will feel more confident and stronger. You will have a charm on your face and wisdom in your words. You can face some financial trouble during this year since your expenditure will be way too high as compared to your earnings. You will be prone to injuries so, be extra careful while going out. The year will be favourable for students as their energy and dynamism will help in facing competition. Your relationship with your elder siblings will improve, and you may get some financial benefit or assistance from them. You will be quite optimistic throughout the year, which will help you in overcoming any challenge.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv