New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It is that time of the week where we eagerly wait for what's going to come for us this coming week. As the mid-week of January has arrived, there are several changes that are going to take place in your zodiac sign as Mars is traveling through the sign Taurus and the Jupiter is also going through the Aquarius sign that is certainly going to mark some big changes this week. You cannot afford to make any wrong move this week as it will lead you to a wrong path and do note, that these changes are going to turn in favour of you all and will promise you a happily ever after thing. So without further ado, lets' take a look at what the stars hold for us this week:


The beginning of the week is going to be light for you and your past investments are going to gain some profit for you. There is also a high possibility of your getting a chance to boost your bank balance. By the mid of the week, you might get stressed and anxious and you will feel a little low. By the end of the week, you are going to spend your money on unworthy stuff and that will make you broke by the end of the month. On the romance front, love birds are likely to get enough support from the family if they are planning a step ahead for their marriage.


At the beginning of the week, you are going to come up with ideas that will help you boost your innovation and help you make the changes in a good way. You are also likely to get good profits from the investments you've made in the past. By the mid-week, you will get some good opportunities and the chronic disease that you have been dealing with will get cured. By the end of the week, you are likely to feel a little low and dull and that is going to affect your daily routine.


At the beginning of the week, the moon is going to be in your favour and the tough days you have dealing with so long are finally going to get over. By the mid of the week, you are going to be really busy on the work front and your performance is going to be appreciated by your seniors and colleagues. In the last few days of the week, you are likely to travel somewhere and you might also find someone special in your life.


The beginning of the week is going to be a tough call for you as the negative moon is foreseen in your cards and you are also likely to feel a little bored and unhappy. However, the seniors are going to bless you with their guidance and that is going to help you out in coming out from an untidy situation. The mid-week is going to be all nice and fine for you and you will ride through that smoothly. In the last few days of the week, your soul mate is going to make a move that is certainly going to make you happy and things will turn out good for you.


This week is going to very interesting for you as you are likely to achieve some great things. People are going to appreciate the efforts and hard work that you did in the year 2020. If you are currently doing a job, there is a high chance that you are likely to get promoted. Apart from that, you can go through some stomach related problems therefore it is advisable to be careful about your health. On the educational front, students will be rewarded and honored in their class.


This week is going to be trouble-free for you and you will be very happy this week. The income flow will be better this week and people in business will incur profits. You are also likely to garner some praises from your seniors. Take care of your skin and gut health and express your feelings for someone you love.


This week is going to be a bit low for you because there are several things that are going on in your head and you might be overthinking about it. Despite that people in business affairs would receive substantial gains. Students will also receive good results in the competitions you're preparing for.


This week is going to very productive for you. You will drive in more stability work wise too. Apart from that, students will have to put in more effort to concentrate.


All your problems will vanish this week and you will get plenty of reasons to be happy. There are going to be some problems but will be able to overcome them. It is possible that there might be clashes between your family members but sort them out peacefully. Your love life will also be more responsive.


One needs to be careful and attentive at the workplace and for students this week will help them focus more on their work. Love life would take a toll but married people will remain happy.


This week is going to be really peaceful for you. Students are likely to waste their time this week. Plus you might experience depression issues along with fights with your partner.


Do not seek help from anyone this week because that is going to disappoint you. You might get a job transfer this week. There might be certain problems in the eyes and you might also receive proposals for marriage.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma