New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Thighs are one of the important parts of our body which enhances our beauty. Too skinny or thick thighs can make us look absurd by disrupting our perfect body shape. From lifestyle to genetics, there are many reasons why thighs look different from other people. Though we all respect our body and have accepted it as it is, however, in heart, everyone is longing for perfectly shaped things.

So if you are someone who is looking for exercises to shape their thighs then, here we are with some easy and effective exercise that you can do at your home without any heavy equipments.

Check out the 5 exercises below:

Glute Bridge 4*20

This exercise will help in burning your glutes and will improve hip mobility. Also, it will strengthen your lower back, beneficial for a desk-bound worker.

- Lie down on the yoga mat, with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground.

- Place your arms at your side

- Now, slowly lift your hips, forming a straight line as shown in the figure above.

- Hold the bridge position for few seconds then, bring your body to rest.

Side Lunges 4*20

- Stand straight with your legs wide open and hands joint in front.

- Now, take a big step to the side and lean your knee until forming a 90-degree angle (as shown in the figure above). Make sure your torso is in an upright position.

- While in this position keep your trailing leg straight.

- Return to your position after few seconds

Up & Down - In & Out Rotation 4*20

- Lie on your left side with your legs and hips stacked one on top of the other.

- Bend your knees to an angle of approximately 45 degrees.

- Now, keep your right arm on your right hip to stabilize your upper body.

- Keeping your feet together, move your right knee upwards as high as you can. While doing this, tuck in your belly button and make sure your pelvis and hips don’t move.

- After few seconds return to your position and do the same on your right side.

Sit hand to toe touch 4*20

Also known as Star toe touch sit-ups, is one of the best exercises to tone your thighs. It engages your abs and obliques and strengthens your core. This exercise also improves your posture.

-Sit up straight on the yoga mat, with legs stretched and arms at your side.

- Now, slowly raise your right hand and left leg and try to touch it as shown in the above figure.

Squat Pulses 4*20

- Stand with your knees slightly bent and shoulder directly over your hips ( as shown in the figure)

- Slightly tuck your pelvis and bring rib-cage down to engage your core

- Now, start the downward movement by maintaining the posture and then immediately raise your body

Here have a look at the video: 

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Hope you liked the set of exercises we have listed above! These exercises will help you in toning your things and will strengthen your core.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv