New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Have you ever chosen trousers over a pencil skirt because of fatty legs and bouncy thighs? Well, many girls remain conscious about their body shape and especially when it comes to flaunting their legs. Everyone wants a perfect figure but even after regular exercise, they don’t get satisfactory results. So, here are some easy and natural tips that can help you gain toned thighs and legs.

1. Reduce your salt intake: Intake of excessive salt can force your body to retain more water which can later cause bloating. So, to maintain the ideal shape of the legs and thighs, one should consume less salt.

2. Have more electrolytes: To reduce the impact of salt on your body shape, you can add electrolytes to your diet. Magnesium, calcium and potassium are some common electrolytes that help to maintain the balance of water in your body. Green Vegetables, Lemon, Yogurt cam give you enough different types of electrolytes.

3. Reduce calories: Reducing your calorie intake would definitely help in reducing leg and thigh fat. There is no such special or magic diet plan to reduce weight from thighs and legs but your body first uses extra-calories to built energy. So, if you would take planned calories then it will help in reducing extra fats.

4. Reduce your carb intake: You all might have heard about the Keto diet. The purpose of this diet is to reduce carbs from your body. If you want a toned figure and you want to get better results along with your exercise, avoid carbs in your daily diet. More carbs means more water stored in the body. So, to get lighter thighs and legs, reduce carbs.

5. Eat more protein and fiber: Protein keeps you stronger and fiber helps you to stay away from off-time meals. Thighs and legs majorly get fat when your body starts accumulating accessive fat. So, to reduce excessive fats eat more proteins and fibers.

Posted By: Srishti Goel