New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Weight gain is one of the worst things on the human body, it not only makes you look ugly or unhealthy but also, stops you from wearing your favourite clothes. Though we can hide the extra fat on our body, what about your face fat. It is one place that cant hide and keeps reminding you by highlighting your double chin.

Since it's not easy to reduce those few extra kilos on the face, people often opt for makeup products to hide the face fat and bring a glow. However, if you are tired of using artificial products, then here we are with 8 yoga asanas that will help you in reducing face fat and bring a glow to your face.

1. Trikonasana

It is one of the perfect asanas for opening up the chest, lungs and heart and provide more oxygen to the skin, making it feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

2. Ushtrasana

This posture helps in getting rid of a double chin and can also tone your stomach.

3. Uttanasana

It increases the supply of oxygen to skin cells on your face and provides useful nutrients essential for combating cell damage that causes by the free radicals.

4. Dhanurasana

This yoga asana works effectively by putting intense pressure on the abdominal region, which in turn help in detoxifying the body, giving you a healthy glow.

5. Halasana

It can help in achieving naturally glowing and healthy skin. This asana can also assist in improving the digestive process, which is crucial for glowing skin.

6. Sarvangasana

This asana improves the skin texture and quality by increasing blood circulation towards the face.

7. Savasana

This asana brings deep and meditative rest to your face. Also, it helps in repairing tissue and cells and releases stress.

8. Fish Face

This facial posture stretches your cheek muscles, giving you a perfect jawline and cheeks.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv