New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: All the die-hard romantics brace yourselves as the festival of love, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Unarguably Valentine's Week is one of the most favourite weeks for couples from around the globe. And why not? This week brings you a chance to profess your love for your near and dear ones. So if you are one of the mushy-hopeless romantics and are planning to paint the town red, then you are on the right page. Scroll down to read about the special days which hold significant importance in the upcoming Valentine’s Week.

Take a look at the special days in Valentine’s Week 2021:

Day 1- Rose Day-February 7

Flowers have been an expression of love from ages. But when it comes to picking the one for our partner, roses are what come to mind. As per the trends, the colours of roses hold different significance.

Red Roses- For your romantic interest

Pink roses- Symbolize gratitude, grace, and joy.

Yellow roses- For friendship

Day 2- Propose Day-February 8

As the name suggests, the second day of the Valentine’s Week is for proposing to your loved one. If you haven’t yet expressed your feelings, this is the ideal day to do so.

Day 3- Chocolate Day-February 9

For all the chocolate lovers, this is the yummiest day of all as you get to have a lot of chocolaty treats which isn’t just good for your relationship but health too. Yes, as per experts a little chocolate is actually beneficial for your body. So, don’t hesitate to share a bite of chocolate on this day.

Day 4-Teddy Day- February 10

For all the lovers of soft toys, this is an amazing opportunity to exchange Teddy bears. Yes, fourth day of Valentine’s week is dedicated to the cute and furry gifts which will always remind your loved ones of you.

Day 5-Promise Day-February 11

On the fifth day, that is the Promise Day, the lovers promise eachother something. This may be about being together for the lifetime or anything else. So people, take this opportunity and promise something special to your partner.

Day 6-Hug Day- February 12

Sometimes a gift or a bar of chocolate fails to express what a hug does. Yes, on this Hug Day just hold eachother and let them know with a soft hug that how much they mean to you.

Day 7- Kiss Day- February 13

Kissing someone is another form of showing affection. So Kiss Day holds a great significance in this week of love.

Day 8- Valentines’ Day-February 14

And finally, make way for the most special day that’s the Valentine’s Day on February 14. For the unversed, this day is observed in the memory of a Roman Saint, Saint Valentine, who lived in the 3rd-century. This day is celebrated to honour love, commitment, and your relationship with your partner.

So guys, make the most of these upcoming weeks and have an unforgettable celebration of love.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal