New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The festival of love is right around the corner and we are all set to execute our perfect date-night plan. From things to wear to the gift to pick, the list can go on, but one of the most important things which ideally should top the list and is often forgotten is self-love. Yes, you read that right! Most of us believe that Valentine’s Day is all about chocolates, roses and dates with your partner, but that’s exactly where you go wrong. This day or week can also be for you to express some self-love. No, we aren’t asking you to hit a salon or a spa in the wake of the pandemic, rather we have a whole different plan for you to prepare for the D-day or rather the V-day. We have curated a list of 3 simple, DIY scrubs which can be prepped with easily-available kitchen ingredients and will make you feel rejuvenated instantly.

Orange and oats scrub

With goodness of vitamin C, oranges are the go-to fruit to have and put on your face to get a radiant skin.

How to prepare

  • Make a paste by mixing 2 teaspoons of oats in 2 teaspoons of orange juice. 
  • Apply it on your face and massage it with light hands.
  • Leave the scrub on for 2-3 minutes before washing it off with water.

Lemon and honey scrub

Like orange, lemon too is a citrus fruit and contains Vitamin C which works wonders for your skin. Along with giving you the glow, this scrub will also remove the impurities of your face.

How to prepare

  • Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice, one teaspoon honey and half teaspoon sugar together.
  • Scrub the face gently with this paste. 


Coffee scrub

Exfoliating with coffee can prove to be very beneficial for your skin as coffee grounds contain potent antioxidant properties which can increase the blood flow on your face and enhance the overall skin health.

How to prepare

  • Prepare a scrub by mixing olive oil, honey, and coffee. 
  • Massage it gently on the face and leave it on for some time.
  • After this wash your face with water. 


NOTE: Before trying any scrub, always keep your skin type in mind. Many people may have dry skin during winters so do not scrub directly on it. Those who have a dry texture first soak the face with water, then take a small quantity of one out of these 3 scrubs and add a few drops of water to it.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal