Top Five Items That Shouldn't Be Reheated In Microwave

Here are some food items that you should avoid reheating.

Top Five Items That Shouldn't Be Reheated In Microwave
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LET'S FACE it, all of us have experienced having a lot of food leftover after a meal that was served late at night or at any other time. What do you do with it, then? Simply put it in a jar and store it in the freezer or refrigerator for later consumption. We reheat food in the microwave several times per week for subsequent consumption. This is the best option for those of us who want to eat our food hot but then stop.Do you know that some meals are harmful to your body and shouldn't be reheated in the microwave? There are a few foods that, if they're leftover, you should probably just throw in the garbage. Or simply produce less of it in the first place. Reheating them is not a good option, no matter what you do.


You already know that reheating potatoes is not a good idea because the heat encourages the growth of the bacterium C. botulinum, which can actually result in food poisoning. If you heat the food in a way that won't kill the bacteria, it's possible that doing so will cause them to grow more.

Extra chicken

For those who love chicken, if there is any cooked chicken that is left over, it should either be eaten immediately or warmed up very gently. What you shouldn't do is microwave it for a short period of time to quickly heat it. Your stomach may suffer greatly if you suddenly switch chicken from the cold of the fridge to the heat of the microwave, because the proteins in the chicken will completely change.


Rice can be a breeding habitat for bacteria, so it's dangerous to reheat it. The rice should not be allowed to reach room temperature before being reheated. When you remove it from the refrigerator, make sure you just place it in the microwave. Even better: just consume it all at once or discard the leftovers.


Many soups contain celery; however, if you have leftover soup, it's advisable to remove the celery. The cause is that it contains nitrates, which, when heated, turn into nitrites. Furthermore, they have been linked to cardiac problems, among other things.


The idea of reheating the eggs is definitely not a good one. Since reheating them can lead to the release of toxins that can seriously harm your body, it is best to consume them right away.

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