New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Teachers are very important. They play a very vital role in shaping our lives and making us who we are. They are the first one to pave paths in our journey. School teachers, Parents and others who teach us anything are our mentors. We celebrate September 5 as Teacher's day to honour them. This day can vary from country to country.

In India Teacher's day is celebrated to mark the work of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan as aphilosopher, scholar, teacher, and politician. Dr Radhakrishnan defined teachers as, "The one who emphasizes on presentation to converge different currents of thoughts to the same end”.

In India onTeacher's Day, every Educational institution celebrates this day with great enthusiasm.Teacher's are made feel great as students perform various activity to celebrate the day with their teachers. Many students prepare gift for their teacher, while some institute too pamper their teachers with small party followed by gifts. This Teacher's day if you want to do something special for your favourite teacher, Here's a list of top 5 gift that you can present to them.

Top 5 Gifts for Teacher's Day 2021:

Greeting Cards

A classic decorated card with heart-felt note is always going to be special. This Teacher's day 2021 buy a card or make a customised card for your teachers and write how much you respect them and what they mean to you.

Good Luck Plants

A good green plant will make your teacher happier. A plant is gift that will reflect your thoughts. Plants like Money plant or Bamboo plant or Jade plant or even various types of succulent plants will make your teacher's desk look good.

A Rubber stamp set

Teachers are always checking papers. A rubber stamp set is great gift choice this Teacher's day. You can gift them with a customised rubber stamp phrase that is your teacher's favourite. There are lot of options for the sizes and mount of the stamp available in the market.

A Book

A good book is always a nice gift. Teachers who love to read a book or novel will be a very thoughtful present for them. If possible gift them a book of their favourite author. This gift will surely make your teachers happy.

A personalised planner or diary

A planner is a very useful gift for your teacher as they always have their hands full. Get a customised planner or buy a diary with beautiful design to present your teachers.

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Posted By: Ashita Singh