New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: In the Vedas, the sun has been called the soul of the world. Earth's life is from the sun itself. In the Vedic period, the Sun, the doer of all the world, was considered the creator or the kind of the Universe. The meaning of Sun is bright, shine, light, which is all inspiring. In the Suryopanishad, Surya is the only reason for the origin of the whole world.

According to Hindu scriptures, Sunday is considered the day of Sun God. This day is dedicated to Suryadev. It is believed that if worship of Suryadev is done on this day, then one gets blessed with wisdom and prosperity. It is also said that if a charity is done for the Sun, then the devotee gets relief from all the troubles in life.

The glory of the Sun is described in the Vedas, Upanishads and religious texts. In the Puranas, worship of Suryadev has been described as the curing of all diseases. Sunday is a day dedicated to Suryadev, it is considered auspicious to offer arghya to Sun God every Sunday. However, arghya can also be given to Suryadev every day. Read on to know how to offer arghya to Lord Surya.

How to offer arghya to Lord Surya:

Step-1: Get up early in the morning and retire from bathing. Then offer water to the Sun God. After this, fill water in a copper lotus. Add rice and flowers to it. Then offer arghya to the sun.

Step-2: Donating things related to the sun like yellow or red clothes, wheat, jaggery, rubies, copper utensils, etc. is auspicious. A person can donate anything according to his ability.

Step-3: On Sunday, if a person praises Surya Mantra while offering Arghya, then it gives strength, intelligence, health and respect.

Step-4: If you observe Lord Surya on Sunday, then God becomes happy. On this day, sun god should be worshiped with sunlight and a lamp in the morning. At the same time should also do fruit

Posted By: Srishti Goel