New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The set time for the first lunar eclipse of 2021 has begun. This eclipse can be witnessed from 3:15 pm and will end at 6:22 pm. And since the moon will be closest to the earth this time, it is going to be the Super Moon and Blood Red Moon which people will experience. Reportedly, the Super Moon will last only for 14 minutes and 30 seconds. 

Meanwhile, 2021 will also witness a solar eclipse down the line which is going to take place in November. Although both the eclipses are different phenomena, there are some things which are common between them and that are some customary astrological myths and beliefs. Yes, even though an eclipse is a cosmic event there are some scholars who believe in a few dos and don'ts. For example, the eclipse should not be looked at directly from your eyes as the rays may harm you. 

Why is it not safe to watch some types of eclipses directly?

Though in many cases it is safe to watch a lunar eclipse directly, most of the time, the experts believe that people should refrain from watching any kind of eclipse without protection. Apart from the astrological and mythical beliefs, the scientific reason for the same is that the rays emitted while the eclipse is taking place can be harmful and may cause permanent damage to the retina of a human eye. It can also lead to a complete blindness. 

So, here we are with some ways with which you can safely watch the lunar eclipse 2021 and solar eclipse 2021 without any harm.


With binoculars, you can easily see changes in the moon’s as well as the sun's colour when eclipse takes place. Meanwhile, in case of the lunar eclipse, astronomers suggest viewing the moon at the start or end of the eclipse to see a blue band around the Moon.

Solar Filtre

Solar filtres are special sunglasses that can help you stare at the sun while solar eclipse is taking place. However, some experts believe that the solar filtres are unfit for looking at the eclipse. 


If you wish to see the Moon in finer details, the telescope is the tool for you. To make it seem even better, you can connect the telescope with your DSLR camera and get a bigger pic of the eclipsed Moon.


Your DSLR or even a basic camera would do if you want to witness an eclipse. You don’t need any special equipment to click pictures of the eclipsed moon. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal