New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Scientists at the University of Chicago have found a new way to treat depression with the help of gas. Now, people suffering from stress can reduce the symptoms of depression by inhaling Nitrous oxide i.e laughing gas for two weeks. This method is also proven to be effective for depression patients who are not relieved by anti-depressant drugs.

What is Nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide or laughing gas is a chemical compound that is a powerful oxidiser similar to molecular oxygen. It has a euphoric effect upon inhaling which makes it a dissociative anaesthetic. Nitrous oxide is also listed as the safest and most effective medicine needed in the health system on the World Health Organisation's List of Essential Medicines.

The gas can be given in emergency also:

• According to the scientists, 25 per cent of patients were made to smell the laughing gas.

• The treatment showed effective results for a longer time, however, some minor side effects of inhaling the gas were also seen.

• The laughing gas can also be given to patients who need emergency treatment.

Anti-depression drug found to be neutral

• According to Researcher Charles Conway in about 15 per cent of people suffering from depression, the anti-depression drug does not work.

• However, the reason for this ineffectiveness is not known yet.

• Due to this patients continue to struggle with depression for years.

• The new method of treatment with the laughing gas can help in solving this problem.

Results show 25 per cent administration of the gas more effective

• According to Researcher and anesthesiologist Peter Nagel 24 patients present in the study were made to inhale the gas for one hour.

• During this process the level of nitrous gas was kept at both 25 and 50 percent.

• The result showed that administration of patients at 25 per cent level was more effective than 50 per cent.

• Additionally, the side effects were less visible and the situation of these patients looked better than before.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha