New Delhi| Jagran Health Desk: India is falling into deep clutches of COVID-19, and citizens are finding ways to protect themselves from the deadly virus. The state governments have imposed partial lockdown to curb the outspread while the country has now ordered coronavirus vaccine for all above 18 years old. As stringent steps are being taken to keep the citizen safe, we have also brought you some measures that might help you if you test positive for COVID-19.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) President JA Jayalal in a conversation with News 18 has advised a 9-step guide for the COVID-19 patients to monitor ESR, CRP, and in what situations they are required to be hospitalised. Here have look:

1. If you have come in contact with a coronavirus patient or experiencing symptoms, such as loss of smell or taste, headache, fever, sore throat then, immediately isolate yourself. Consult a doctor immediately and get yourself tested. COVID-19 patients are advised to take complete rest for a speedy recovery.

2. During isolation, keep your clothes and other useful items separately. Wash your clothes daily and keep your surroundings clean. Wear a mask if you come in contact with any of your family member. Drink plenty of water and eat nutrient-rich food.

3. If you test positive then, keep a check on your ESR, TC, CRP, DC, D-Dimer and Ferritin and if suffering from mild infection immediately quarantine yourself at home.

4. During quarantine do regular exercise, such as treadmill walks, brisk walks, skipping. If you are suffering from extreme body pain or are tired then, don't put much stress on your body and try yoga. Make sure you are regularly doing breathing exercises.

5. From the third day onwards, take extra care of yourself. You can test your oxygen level at home by 6-minute walk test. For this, first, you need to measure your oxygen level on the oximeter. Please Note: Ideal oxygen saturation is 96 to 100. After testing, walk for 6 minutes and remeasure your oxygen level, if it falls more than 5 points down then, you may be suffering from a respiratory infection. Immediately consult your doctor because you might need hospital care.

6. Also, you are advised to keep a check on your body temperature, pulse, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Keep checking at least once in eight hours. Those COVID-19 patients who are suffering from diabetes are advised to check their blood pressure twice a day.

7. Drop in oxygen rate is not the only alarming situation when you need hospital care. If your temperature remains 100 for over three days, your pulse rate is over 100, and you are having a severe headache or diarrhoea then, you should immediately consult your doctor. Also, Lymphocyte is below 20 per cent, CRP is above 10, D-Dimer and Ferritin are high or hypertension, uncontrollable sugar or obesity. These symptoms also indicate that you may need hospital care.

8. As per Jayalal, patients should be in constant touch with a doctor. If your doctor advises you to get admitted then, avoid getting Remdesivir or maintain your oxygen level because not everyone is required these things. So don't panic and keep yourself calm.

9. Patients should keep checking their oxygen rate, CRP and other things until they test negative.


Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv