New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: On March 31, Wednesday, Sikhs are celebrating the birth anniversary of the second guru of Sikhs, Guru Angad Dev Ji. He was born in the village Harike in Punjab to a Hindu family, Pheru Mal and Mata Ramo. Not many know the story of how he was selected as the successor of Guru Nanak Dev. The founder of Sikhism, Guru Nanak Ji selected Guru Angad Dev as his successor over his sons. There is a popular story about how he got selected as a successor, a jug fell into the mud, and Guru Nanak Ji asked his sons to pick that up, but they refused to do it as they thought it was a good task. After this, Guru Nanak Ji asked Guru Angad Dev to pick it up, and he picked the jug without any hesitation. By this, Guru Nanak Ji was impressed with him, and he named him as the second successor on September 7, 1539.

As everyone is celebrating Guru Angad Dev Ji's birth anniversary, here are some unknown facts about the second Sikh guru:

1. The birth name of Guru Angad ji was Lehna. Guru Nanak Ji renamed him Angad, the meaning of the name Angad is part of the body.

2. Guru Angad Ji tied the knot at the age of 16 to Mata Khivi in January 1520.

3. Guru Angad Ji wrote around 62 to 63 slokas, and he also made improvements in the Gurumukhi script.

4. Guru Angad Ji started the Langar system, and he also established other centres for practising Sikhism.

5. Guru Angad Dev Ji passed on his succession to Guru Amar Das, who became the third successor of Sikhism. Guru Amar Das went to more than twenty pilgrimage sites including Haridwar and Amritsar.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma