New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The holy month of Shravan is underway and people across the country are busy to celebrate it. Shravan is also known Sawan or even as Avani in Tamil Nadu and has a special relevance to Mondays or Somwar. Devotees of Lord Shiva observe fasts on Mondays to seek his blessing. It also believed that observing fast on Mondays in Shravan will help people attain salvation or “Moksha”.

Though all Mondays of Shravan are important and considered auspicious, the third Somwar of Shravan is extra special and has a special relevance because of its connection to Amavasya. The third Monday of Shravan occurs on Amavasya and that’s why it is also known as “Somvati Amavasya”.

Here’s all you need to know about Somvati Amavasya 2020:

What is the date of Somvati Amavasya in 2020?

This year Somvati Amavasya will be observed on July 20.

What is the tithi for Somvati Amavasya 2020?

The Somvati Amavasya tithi will begin at 12.10 am and will continue till 11.02 pm on July 20.

What is the puja vidhi for Somvati Amavasya?

On this day, devotees generally wake up early in the morning. According to legends, rising up Brahma Muhurat (which is about two hours before the sunrise) is considered auspicious. On Somvati Amavasya, people are advised not to consume wheat, rice, lentils, tamasic foods such as garlic, onion, strong spices and meat etc.

After taking a bath, people worship Lord Shiva and meditate. Wearing new clothes are preferred. Following this, the devotees do Sankalpa (vow to carry out the vrat with utmost honesty and sincerity) and maintain celibacy. 

The devotees are also asked to worship Sun God along with Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesh and Lord Kartikeya with Peepal and Tulsi. 

Why Somvati Amavasya is important?

Somvati Amavasya is important because it is believed that on this day, the Moon (Chandra), Mercury (Budh), Jupiter (Guru/Brihaspati), Venus (Shukra) and Saturn (Shani) stay in their respective zodiac signs. On Somvati Amavasya, people also observe Hariyali Amavasya and worship Goddess Parvati. 

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma