New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The world on Sunday witnessed the second Solar Eclipse, a special phenomenon that happens when sun, moon and earth comes in a straight line and the moon -- completely or partially -- covers the sun, blocking its light from reaching the earth, of the year 2020. This Solar Eclipse was also special because it is occuring on the longest day of the year -- the Summer Solstice -- and the International Yoga Day.   

The first Solar Eclipse is occuring just 15 days after people across the world witnessed the second Lunar Eclipse of the year 2020. The sky gazers across the country witnessed an "annular Solar Eclipse" on Sunday. An "annular Solar Eclipse" occurs only when the moon covers the sun partially because it is smaller than the sun because of its apparent size.      


As sky gazers across the country will be able to witness a unique phenomenon, there are several precautions that a pregnant woman needs to take during a Solar Eclipse. So here are some precautions that a pregnant woman should take during a Solar Eclipse:

* Pregnant women should stay inside during a Solar Eclipse as it is believed that steeping out of the house during this time is harmful, as per the Hindu mythology. However, there is no scientific explanation for it.

* Pregnant women should not look at the eclipse with open eyes as it can be harmful. A Solar Eclipse should never be perceived through open eyes as it may severely harm the eyesight.

* During Solar Eclipse, a pregnant woman is not advised to sleep and should sit on a grass spread on the floor.

* After the Solar Eclipse, a pregnant woman is advised to take a bath. Pregnant women should also take a bath before the beginning of the Solar Eclipse.

* To spread positivity, pregnant women are advised to chant the mantra ‘Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra’ or ‘Santana Gopala Mantra’ or ‘Surya Mantras’ or ‘Vishnu Mantras’ to keep their baby safe.

* During a Solar Eclipse, pregnant women should also stay away from sharp objects like knives, pins and needles as it is believed according to Hindu mythology that they cause deformities in the baby during this period.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma