New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The first partial Solar Eclipse of 2022 is going to take place today (April 30). After 15 days of Solar Eclipse, another spectacular celestial event will take place which is Lunar Eclipse. The Lunar Eclipse will take place on May 16. As per Hindu mythology, people are required to follow do's and dont's during the celestial event.

On April 30, the partial Solar Eclipse will begin at 12:15 p.m. (IST) and last till 4 p.m. However, the Solar Eclipse will not be visible in India. People living in South/West America, Pacific Atlantic, and Antarctica can witness the celestial event.

What is Solar Eclipse ?

A Solar Eclipse is a celestial event that takes place when the Moon gets between Earth and the Sun, and the Moon casts a shadow over Earth. As per media reports, only 54 percent of the Sun will be blocked during the Eclipse.

One can watch the Solar Eclipse through NASA's live broadcast, and will be live-streamed on NASA's YouTube channel.

Know some dos during Solar Eclipse 2022:

People should chant the mantra of Lord Shiva during the celestial event.

Take a bath after the solar eclipse is over.

People should also clean the house after the Solar Eclipse is over.

One should sprinkle Gangajal in the house once the Eclipse is over.

Pregnant women should stay indoors during the Sutak period.

Know some don'ts during Solar Eclipse 2022:

People consider cooking and eating food as taboo during the Solar Eclipse.

People are advised to never look at the Eclipse with nak*d eyes.

One should not sleep during an Eclipse.

People should put basil leaves in water and food before the Solar Eclipse.

Many people do not use a sharp object during the Eclipse.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen