New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Solar Eclipse 2021 will mark the rare celestial phenomena, that is, the Ring of Fire. However, it may sound exciting but it comes with several harmful effects. Yes, you read that right, Surya Grahan can cause a digestive issue, eye problem, mood swings, etc. So, as the day is here, we have listed down the harmful effects that are caused by the eclipse.

Eye problem:

Watching solar eclipse directly with bare eyes is not advisable. It can damage your retina and in the worst case may even cause blindness. You should always view the solar eclipse using the special solar eclipse glasses. Many people also use sunglasses or photographic negatives but they are not effective.

Impact on Pregnancy:

A solar eclipse is also said to have a bad impact on pregnant women’s health. It is believed that pregnant women should not step out during the eclipse as it may harm them and the baby. It is also believed that going out during eclipse may cause difficulty in delivery or abnormalities in the newborn.

Digestive issues:

People avoid eating or drinking anything during the solar eclipse due to the belief that it may disrupt the digestive system and cause problems. Hence, they wait for the eclipse to get over to consume food or water.

Makes you feel lethargic:

It is again believed that the solar eclipse makes you feel tired and lethargic. Even if you have had a sound sleep at night, you may end up feeling fatigue due to the solar eclipse.

Mood change:

A solar eclipse is said to have an impact on mood swings as well. People believe that it can have a negative impact on the mood of a person. For example, they may feel irritated or sad without any reason. It is important to note that these are popular beliefs and do not have scientific reasoning except watching the solar eclipse with eyes.

Posted By: Talibuddin Khan