New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The placement and movement of stars play a major role in everyone's life as it decides their present and future. Astrology helps a person knowing about the challenges and opportunities in advance so that they cut down the negative effects impacting their future. Similarly, there is a belief that whenever Solar Eclipse occurs it leaves an impact on the zodiac signs which can be negative or positive. So if you are wondering how your day will be then scroll down below and have a look at the predictions.  

According to Hindu lunar calendar, this year, Surya Grahan is falling on Shani Jayanti, the birthday of the planet Saturn and will take place in Mrigashira Nakshatra in the Taurus sun sign. As the day is here, know how the first Solar Eclipse of 2021 is going to impact your zodiac:


The natives of this zodiac will have to deal with some issues in their personal life. On the professional front, colleagues or seniors might not respect your work. Aries are advised to be careful in money matters and keep a check on the words while talking to others.


You are likely to face some negative impact of the solar eclipse. You might feel low on confidence, and this might impact your decision-making ability. On the health front, old health issues might arise so, eat wisely. Also, you might have to face mental stress.


Gemini might have to bear the brunt of the solar eclipse on the financial front. You might have to face some loss of money or spend it on worthless stuff. On the professional front, you can be the victim of conspiracy so, you are advised to keep an eye on your opponents or rivals. Also, try to avoid petty arguments.


This eclipse might impact you positively. You are likley to discover a new source of earning and might get your stuck money back. It will boost your financial health. On the personal front, those who are married are likely to hear good news regarding pregnancy. Love birds might plan to enter a new phase of their life, that is, marriage.


On the work front, you are likely to get promoted to a new position based on your excellent performance. It will enhance your status in the office and enhance your salary. Those who are into business can expect a big order, which will boost their financial health and increase their reputation in the industry.


This eclipse might impact you negatively, you are advised to work hard to gain success at the work front. Also, avoid engaging in arguments with your friends and superiors. You may feel spiritually inclined and might visit a religious place.


On the work front, your ongoing project might get closed for no reason. You might get humiliated by your opponents, so try to avoid unnecessary arguments in office. Also, take good care of your health, the else old issue might arise.


Scorpions are likely to face some problems in their jobs or business. You might have a conflict with your business partner, so you are advised to keep your ego and rudeness in check. On the personal front, you are likely to have ideological difference with the spouse, which will lead to a dispute between you two.


Solar eclipse will shower blessing on Sagittarians. On the work front, you are likely to outperform, which will impress your boss, and he/she might end up giving you new responsibility in terms of promotion. Your opponents or rivals will be under control. You may feel mentally and physically healthy.


The solar eclipse is going to impact negatively so, you are advised to avoid taking risks in your project at the work front. Before signing any document, read it thoroughly, else you might end up in some legal trouble. On the work front, you might be engaged in a conflict with your seniors so, you are advised to stay calm. Take good care of your child's health.


You may feel upset and impatient, this will impact you negatively. You might not be able to focus on your goals and will lower your work efficiency. You will not be able to complete your task on time. On the personal front, you might engage in a dispute with family members.


Solar Eclipse is going to be positive for all the Pisces. On the work front, you may expect a promotion based on your hard work. On the business front, your network will grow, which will boost your liquidity and financial health. Your opponents or rivals will be under control.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv