New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Finally! Solar Eclipse 2021 is here and stargazers couldn't keep calm. This is the first Solar Eclipse of this year and it marks the rare celestial event, that is, Ring of Fire, also known as Annular solar eclipse. This rare event is occurring after 148 years and will begin at 1:42 pm IST (8:12 UTC) and will end at 6:41 pm (13:11 UTC). It will be visible in parts of Greenland, Canada, Russia and the North Pole, while Asia, Europe, North America, Arctic and Atlantic regions will witness a partial eclipse.

In India, the eclipse is falling on Shani Jayanti which is one of the auspicious occasion for Hindus. Except for Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh, the eclipse will not be visible in the country.

Here are some interesting facts about June 10 Solar Eclipse:

- This year world will witness the Ring of Fire, which is occurring after 148 years. This celestial event happens when Moon comes exactly in the line of Sun and Earth.

- According to the Hindu calendar, the Solar Eclipse is taking place on Shani Jayanti, who is Lord Sun's son.

- Saros cycle: Almost identical eclipses (total, annual, or partial) occur after 18 years and 11 days, or every 6,585.32 days. This cyclical occurrence is known as the Saros cycle.

- According to NASA, in 600 million years from now, the moon would have moved far away from the Earth, given its slowly increasing orbit that it will no longer be big enough to entirely cover the sun.

- There is another type of solar eclipse, known as 'hybrid eclipse', which shifts between a total and annular eclipse depending on where you view it from on Earth. These are comparatively rare.

- The word Annular originated from the Latin word '"annulus" meaning Ring.

- The annular solar eclipse will last from 5 minutes to up to 12 minutes.

- According to NASA, every eclipse begins at sunrise and ends at sunset about halfway around the world from the start point.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv