New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The world is witnessing the first Solar Eclipse of the year 2020. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse which will create a ring of fire when it will reach its maximum extent. The solar eclipse started taking place at 9:15 am IST and will reach its maximum extent at 12:10 pm. The Eclipse will end at around 3:05 pm IST.

The Solar Eclipse 2020 will be an Annular Solar Eclipse which will create a ring of fire around the Sun. The Annular Solar Eclipse occurs when the moon covers the sun's centre, leaving the sun's outer edges to form a “ring of fire”, also referred to as annulus around the moon. At the same time, the Moon is as far from the earth as it could get, leaving a display of a visually-spectacular astrophysical formation.

In India, people living in Anupgarh, Suratgarh, Sirsa, Jakhal, Kurukshetra, Yamunanagar, Dehradun, Tapowan & Joshimath will be able to see the annular phase of the Solar Eclipse 2020, while people in rest of India can only witness a partial eclipse, according to the Ministry of Science and Technology.

In New Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai. Hyderabad, Agra and Pune, the Solar Eclipse 2020 will only be visible as a Partial Solar Eclipse and people living in these cities will not be able to witness the ring of fire.

Here are the latest visuals of Solar Eclipse 2020 from across the country:

12:00 pm: Punjab

11:45 am: Karachi (Pakistan)

11:30 am: Uttarakhand

11:15 am: Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

11:00: am: Haryana

10:35 am: Rajasthan


10:20 am: Gujarat

10:00 am: Maharashtra

9:45 am: Delhi

9:30 am: Jammu and Kashmir

9:15 am: Jammu and Kashmir

Posted By: Talib Khan