Skincare Tips: 5 Benefits Of Baby Oil For Adult Skin And Face

Baby oil can be used for adult skin, however consult a dermatologist before applying it.

Skincare Tips: 5 Benefits Of Baby Oil For Adult Skin And Face
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WE ALL must have used baby oil on our skin in order to get smooth and shiny skin. Baby products are suitable for the sensitive skin of the baby and are also beneficial for adult skin. It helps to soothe and smoothen the skin, be it baby skin or adult skin.

Baby oil is a mineral oil derived from petroleum and is widely used for all personal skin care products from moisturisers and perfumes. It is used as a moisturizer, makeup remover, foot care essential, shaving oil and cuticle care. Read below the list of benefits of baby oil for adult skin and face.

Baby Oil

Baby oil is an essential skincare product for baby's kin made with 98 per cent mineral and 2 per cent fragrance. It is highly refined, transparent, purified and colourless. It is formulated to be hypoallergenic and is free from harmful dyes and parabens.

1. Moisturizer

Baby oil contains mineral oil with a larger molecular size, which makes it occlusive and non-comedogenic  It aids in keeping the moisture on your skin locked in. Therefore, baby oil can be used to moisturise the skin of people with normal to dry skin. According to a study conducted by PubMed, baby oil contains a high percentage of mineral oil which can be applied as a moisturizer on the skin and efficiently hydrates the skin.

2. Reduces Stretch Marks And Scars

A study conducted in 1993 stated that baby oil is an effective moisturizer and somewhat can help in the reduction of stretch marks and scars on the skin. It can be applied on scarred areas of the skin as a moisturiser.

3. Makeup Remover

The baby oil helps in dissolving makeup and dirt buildup on the skin. It can be effectively used as a makeup remover. You can apply baby oil on the skin by massaging a thin layer of oil onto your face and wiping it off with cotton.

4. Soothes Skin

Being a popular skin care product, baby oil promotes plump, smooth and hydrating skin all over the body. It is rarely allergic and is gentle on the skin. It treats sensitive skin and soothes sensitivity and skin inflammation.

5. Foot Cleanser

The skin on your heel and sole can be revitalised and repaired with baby oil that contains vitamins A and E [2]. Additionally, it helps heal cracked heels. Baby oil can be used for a home pedicure or as a moisturizer for your feet. Your feet will become soft and moisturised if you rub baby oil on them right after a shower and before bed at night.

However, avoid using baby oil if you have oily skin as it can lead to breakouts and clogged pores on the face. The best time to apply baby oil is before going to bed at night. Prior to applying it, wash your face and apply it and wash your face in the morning.

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