New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Valentine's Day symbolises the celebration of love, affection and everlasting bond between you and your loved ones. Celebrated annually on February 14, Valentine's Day offers couples time to reflect on their relationship, creating new experiences, and strengthening the bonds. Eschewing loneliness can be hard for those who do not have a loved one to celebrate the day with. If you are single, here are five ways you can celebrate Valentine's Day by your own. 

Take yourself out to treat at a fancy restaurant

If you do not have a loved one, commemorate the festival by taking yourself out at a fancy restaurant or a bar. Order your favourite dish or cocktail and meet new people. Mask up before you leave the house. 

Celebrate the day with underprivileged kids

Celebrate a non-traditional Valentine by visiting a welfare home and taking to underprivileged kids, listening to their stories and making a donation of the sum you otherwise would have spent buying flowers and gifts for your loved ones. Alternatively, you can purchase gifts for these kids on your way to the welfare home.  

Go on a solo trip

Plan a short solo trip in the Valentine's Day week, explore new places and spend the time near to the nature. 

Netflix and Chill

Order, or cook your favourite dish, sprawl on your couch and binge watch a TV show or movie on an OTT platform. Search for the TV shows and movie suggestions online and select what suits you.

Watch a movie in theatre

You can also go out and watch a movie in theatre. However, it would be advisable to look for the ways to spend the day at your place in view of the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Posted By: Lakshay Raja