New Delhi | Jagran Entertainment Desk: Shravan is one of the most important months of the Hindu calendar. The month, which is generally observed in July and August, has a special relevance to Lord Shiva and legends say that worhsipping him during Sawan or Shravan will help devotees seek blessing. Therefore, people during Shravan wake up early, observe fast and visit the temple regularly. It is noteworthy to mention that the first puja of Shravan is done in the morning while the last puja is done after the sunset. People also observe sixteen Mondays, popularly known as "Solah Somwar", to impress Lord Shiva and get a suitable spouse.

The holy month is marked by complete devotion to Lord Shiva. It is because of the legends mentioned in Hindu Vedas and Puranas. It says, the Gods and Demons decided to Samudra Mantha or churn the ocean to decide who among them was the strongest to get Amrit from it. However, the 'halahala' or poison also came out along with it which had the potential to destroy the world. Lord Shiva then drank that poison and saved the world. Therefore, Lord Shiva is worshipped as a gesture of gratitude in the whole month of Shravan.

In the holy month of Sawan, people are dedicated to worship Lord Shiva for success, marriage, and prosperity. They fast, especially on Mondays, which are dedicated to Lord Shiva and are known as ‘Shravan Somvar Vrat’ while others also fast on Tuesday and Friday.

Here is a list of Dos and Don’ts:


  • Fasting during this holy month is considered very auspicious and fruitful. Scientifically, it also has many benefits. Do fast the entire month.
  • Drink a lot of water, intake fruits, and other fasting approved items during this time.
  • Visiting the Shiva temple regularly.
  • Chant the Maha Mrutyunjay Mantra during fast.
  • Chant Om Namah Shivay while fasting.
  • Offer Lord Shiva a mixture of milk, ghee, yogurt, gangajal, and honey also known as Panchamrut along with Bilva leaves.
  • Wear rudraksh. In Hindu culture, rudraksh is considered very auspicious.
  • Read the Shravan Somwar Vrata Katha on Mondays. This katha is a symbol of Lord Shiva’s journey from life to eternity.


  • Do not drink alcohol in the month of Sawan.
  • Do not shave during Shrawan.
  • Avoid breaking your fast in between.
  • Do not eat non-vegetables.
  • Ginger and garlic are also avoided by people during this month.
  • As per Puranas, brinjal or eggplant too must be avoided as they are considered impure.

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