New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Sharad Purnima, which is celebrated on the Ashwin month of the Hindu calendar, is a festival to mark the beginning of the harvest festival and the end of the monsoon season.

This year, it will be celebrated on October 12 that is Sunday. The festival is also known as Kumara Purnima, Kojagiri Purnima, Navanna Purnima, and Kaumudi Purnima.


This year Sharad Purnima will begin at 4.06 pm on 12 October and will end at 6.08 pm on 13 October.  

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History and Significance:

According to legends, the moon comes out will all sixteen Kala(s) on this day with rays having healing and nourishing abilities. The legends further say that all the combinations of all the sixteen Kala(s) creates a perfect human personality.

As per another common belief, on this day, the moon rays drip nectar, so people prepare rice-kheer and leave it in the moonlight for the whole night, and in the next morning, it is distributed as prasad.

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Some legends also say that Goddess Lakshmi was born on this day and on the night of this festival, she wanders in the sky blesses her devotees.

In Uttar Pradesh, people also refer it to Raas Purnima as they believe that Lord Krishna danced with the Gopis of Vrindaban on this day. It is called the Maha Raas.

While in Bengal, people call it Kumar Purnima. Unmarried girls in Bengal fast for the whole day and worship Lord Kartikeya for a suitable groom and open their fast after worshiping the moon in the evening.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma