New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The auspicious festival of Navratri is finally here. People celebrate this festival with full fervour and enthusiasm and in this nine-day festival, they worship different avatars of Goddess Durga. The devotees observe fast for nine days, and while fasting they only consume ceratin fruits and grains and they make sure that their food is made without using onion and garlic in these nine days.

The Sharad Navratri falls around October-November and it marks the beginning of winter season. In this season the immunity of the people decreases and the body of a person becomes more prone to diseases. In this period, fasting helps to boost the immunity but it should be followed with some measures as having certain things in the empty stomach can make you fall ill and we have made a list of things that you should avoid while fasting:

1. Avoid Caffeine

If you consume a lot of caffeine it could be dangerous for you as having caffeine in an empty stomach can make your immunity weak and you can face several gastric issues. Tea, Coffee is included in the list of caffeine, thus one should avoid having tea or coffee first thing in the morning.

2. Avoid Overeating

Even in the fast, people tend to overeat so that they could skip the meal but this could turn out to be very dangerous for you. One should consume the vrat snacks 5-6 times a day. This way you will keep feeding your body with energy and will also prevent the feeling of fullness you might get after eating a heavy meal.

3. Avoid too much salt

Anything in an excessive amount could be dangerous and having too much salt while you are keeping fast is not good for your health. While observing fast people should consume more fluids and should consume more green veggies.

4. Stay Hydrated

While observing fast, keep in mind to drink water as your body is 70% water but it needs to be hydrated and by drinking more and more water will ensure that you stay energised and do not dehydrate yourself.

5. Avoid too much Sugar

In this festival, devotees consume a lot of sweets and they should avoid it as consuming an excessive amount of sweets will make you prone to diseases and will weaken your immunity.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma