New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Shani Pradosh Vrat is an auspicious festival for Hindus which is observed twice a month. On this day, the devotees pray to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and observe a day-long fast. This month the Pradosh Vrat is being observed on April 25, Saturday and this why it is called Shani Pradosh. As the day is here, we have brought you an astrological prediction of this auspicious day. So scroll down and know whether stars are aligned in your favour or not.  

Your financial side will be better. May face some physical problems. New tasks will be done. Hard work and more labour to be done to fulfil the responsibility.

Morale will be high. Victory over diseases, enemies and debts. Trade will increase. Be patient and wait for the right opportunity.

Obstacles in work. Some of the work may get hindered. The percentage of success is moderate. Try to be more dedicated and honest towards work. Good time for education sector people.

You will overcome the problems regarding health. Marital life will be comfortable. Honour and respect will be gained. Do not indulge in new experiments.

Chances of travelling abroad. Victory over diseases, enemies and debts. Avoid arguments. Can give shape to long term plans.

Expenditure on children. A new source of income. Will get some study material. Time of remarkable achievements. Will get many auspicious opportunities.

More labour is to be done. Benefits from land and property. Be cautious before starting new work, and be careful with any temptation offered.

Help from father, good luck and respect awaited. More efforts required for students. Confidence will increase. Tendency to save money and cut expenditure will increase.

Possibility of change in career. Expenditure on the vehicle or house repair. May face gastric or foot problem. More financial gains, proceed with courage and understanding.

New achievement in the family. Respect will increase. Will face some mental tension. Additional labour and will power required for students and education professionals.

More favourable and auspicious time. For future plans, this is the time to lay a foundation stone. Employed people will make their position strong. Do not have hazy thoughts or confused state of mind, with the time conditions will be more favourable.

This year will be financially very strong. Good results for career and business are on the way. Luck will also support. Patience and faith will give more strength.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma