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    S*x Education: 5 Shocking Facts Of NOT Having Regular S*x That Will Blow Your Mind

    These problems can happen if you're not active in your sexual life.

    By Subhasish Dutta
    Tue, 06 Dec 2022 04:30 PM (IST)

    DO YOU realise that there can also be negative impacts from not having s*x? Yes, what you just heard is true. Although it can support or enhance health on a number of levels, having s*x is not a need for good health. There are so many various types of individuals in the world, and each one of them has a unique set of wants and desires, particularly when it comes to having s*x. Decide how you're going to stop your dry period and why, especially if you're the one experiencing it.

    No S*x Harms The Libido

    The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality asserts that having s*x with your partner on day one increases your likelihood of wanting more of it on day two. The inverse may also be true: abstaining from s*x causes you to crave s*x less in general.Even if they wanted to, a lot of folks find it challenging to turn it on. As a result, if you've been the one without s*x for a very long time, you can find that you've completely lost interest in it. In the end, having more s*x makes you crave it more, which raises your libido through regular s*x.

    Weak Immune System

    You are aware that regular s*x can actually boost your immune system and prepare your body to battle the sickness by releasing endorphins. Therefore, it is thought that having no s*x for an extended period of time may cause more frequent colds and coughs. According to the study, the young people had higher levels of the immune system-fighting antibodies, immunoglobulin A, in their saliva when they had regular sexual activity with their partners.

    More Stress And High Blood Pressure

    Your blood pressure and stress levels may also rise if you don't engage in sexual activity. If you aren't getting "that release," your stress levels can initially rise, which could make you feel down. If you have finally made the decision to quit having s*x, you should be aware that, just as was mentioned above in the context of anxiety symptoms and heart health, you should exercise in ways other than sexual activity to balance your blood pleasure and stress.

    Poor Form Of The Pelvic Floor

    The pelvic floor exists in all humans, and depriving it of s*x could make it weaker. This could significantly affect both your ability and the power of subsequent orgasms. The pulsing of the pelvic floor is the source of the lovely pulses we experience during an orgasm; therefore, if you try to have one, it can feel weaker.

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