New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: People begin the new month with a lot of expectations and aspirations. Some of them follow their stars and zodiac signs to know about the future so that they can get ready for it. October is going to be a very eventful month which will bring several waves in everyone’s life. The major reason for October 2020 being very important from an astrological point of view is the continuous change in the direction of stars. So, read on to know how your stars will get changed by the sighting of the moon in September.

Aries: The work environment is a bit distasteful and also you might see relocation. The benefit of money will get more and more cooperation from close friends. You may suffer anxiety and anger. You will see a loss in betting and lottery. There will be a sense of confusion about work and love life. For Aries, this month can be a bit bickering from the family point of view as there can be a rift among the family members. Your drastic decision for the future of children will have far-reaching consequences. People doing private jobs can get new opportunities in jobs this month, due to which there will be auspicious signs in the economic sector. Do not criticize people unnecessarily. Try to speak politely.

Taurus: Your reputation will be made in a new field. You will feel some new enthusiasm and work capacity inside yourself. Happiness will increase. Excess of expenditure will remain the same. October is lucky for the students. Do not travel much, you may face accident like situation. The trading house will run well. You will get equal happiness from wife and son. You will get the benefit of friendly relations. You might have to take some serious decisions in the upcoming days.

Gemini: You will feel new enthusiasm and efficiency at workfront. Disputes are possible in the neighborhood. Your interests will be protected. The business will run smoothly but may face a decline in the profit. Your marriage may face disputes. Hard work will be achieved in the competitive exams. You will feel peace because of the love showered by family. Your ambitious mind will remain focused on new means of income. Expenses will increase because of new responsibilities.

Cancer: Keep your mind focused, otherwise, your work will not be accomplished on time. You will be busy with domestic work. There will be an improvement in circumstances, will get business benefits, good news from the children's side, awareness will increase. You might face a severe accident, take precautions while going out. You will get an opportunity to do some auspicious work. There will be a happy atmosphere around you because of your close ones. If unmarried people can get marriage proposals this month, then the mutual bond of marriage will increase. Students will get the desired results in the month of October and people doing government jobs can get success. Physically you may have health-related problems, so keep your diet right. Keep yourself more focused on studies. Maintain a balance between income and expenditure.

Leo: Your mind will be more focused on breaking business deals. You might face differences with colleagues at work. Basic demands will be fulfilled. You should write for a better analysis of your career. Mental stress will go away. The resolution will be fulfilled. Family problems will be resolved. The journey will be successful and beneficial. Will be worried about some future problems. The spouse will receive emotional affection.

Virgo: Positive thinking will definitely bring color in a new direction. Your mind may get troubled because of old memories. You will see success in business. Incompleted work will be done. There will be conflicts of interest with people without reason. You may suffer from a husband's behaviour. The children will be worried. Health will not be favorable. There will be benefits in the job. Do not eat anything outside. You need more focus on education.

Libra: You will be more focused on your goals. Wealth, fame, enemy obstruction, food, sleeping inconvenience, will increase. This month will be auspicious for Libra people and your enemies will also be affected by you. Your long-time pending work will be accomplished and you will get success in the business sector. Your relationships with friends will be stronger and there will be an atmosphere of peace and happiness in the family. Though it is possible to increase your expenses at the end of the month, you will get a reasonable profit. Keep your behavior prudent in front of people and speak softly. You will get success in written works. Possibilities of a Job transfer. There will be chances of progress by chasing new goals.

Scorpio: Social respect and domination will increase. Enhancement of respect. Due to unprovoked wealth, loss of virtue, a bad environment in practice will have to be faced. The mind will be sad due to worries There will be loss in gambling, speculation etc. Talent will flourish in the business sector. There are chances of a sudden improvement in the situation. Fantasies will be seen coming true. There will be happiness in the house.

Sagittarius: Your soul will be happy because of the success received in the desired work. You will get the benefit of friendly relations. There will be a partial success in state and court functions. Avoid adversity. Changes in location, position and designation are possible. Mars is slightly heavier this month for Sagittarius people. You should avoid travelling and should focus on your health. There are possibilities of a homecoming of a new one in the family. People doing jobs will be doing a little less work this month and they will be able to give their time to their families. Take a healthy and planned diet. The mind will be excited about some new decisions. You will feel some new enthusiasm and work capacity inside yourself.

Capricorn: Do not preach negativity towards relatives in your mind. You may lose your relations because of wrong decisions. You will get fame and success in the upcoming days. Health will be moderate. The parents will have the best happiness and you will be able to serve them better. You may relocate and will have to leave the house. All work will be accomplished with hard work. Some new plans will excite. Will be affected by the glare of the physical world. You will see abandon of laziness.

Aquarius: You will be able to prove yourself superior by your intelligence. The gluttony of materiality can result in financial harm to others. Aquarius people may get some sad news, due to which this month can pass in agony. There is also a possibility of mutual discord in the family, but with patience, matters can be resolved. Take special care of the health of the children and keep the diet balanced. Traveling this month can also be a coincidence. Unmarried people can get marriage proposals this month. You can also consider buying a new vehicle. The capital invested in the stock market will give a profit. There will be the hope of success in debate. Married life will be happy. There is a possibility of ideological differences with a life partner.

Pisces: Control your mind and be dutiful. The mind will be affected by a lot of prejudices. Family accountability will increase but you will be able to perform your duties well. Don't invest in the lottery, you will face a huge loss. You can invest in gold and silver, it can give you an ample amount of profit. You will get success in business and the finance will increase. You will get the victory over enemies. Your health will be better this month. The mind will be attracted to a new relationship. Stay calm and patient for new beginnings. You may face ideological differences with a spouse.

Posted By: Srishti Goel