New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Sawan month is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar. It is treated as one of the holiest months in the country and in Hindu religion. According to the Hindu mythology, this month is of great spiritual and religious significance and is believed to be the most favourite time of Lord Shiva. Therefore, it is believed that by worshipping Lord Shiva devotees are blessed with fulfillment of desires and happiness.

Mondays which fall in the month of Sawan hold utmost importance as according to popular beliefs Monday or 'Somvaar' is considered Lord Shiva's day and he gets easily pleased by devotees worshiping him on this day. People observe fast, perform puja and follow a strict lifestyle during this month. 

Meanwhile, according to Vedic Astrology the sun enters the zodiac sign Leo during this month. Leo is the own house of the Sun. Therefore, devotees may worship and offer different types of abhishek to please the Lord Shiva.


For prosperity, one must perform abhishek with water but keep jaggery first then pour water on Shivlinga.


To please Lord Shiva, offer white flowers and white things like curd, rice, sugar and white sandalwood paste.


It will be beneficial for you if you perform abhishek on Lord Shiva with sugar cane juice.


To remove obstacles from life perform abhishek with pure ghee. Offer Bilva Patras as well.


Abhishek of Lord Shiva with jaggery water will give you strength to overcome your problems.


Offer Lord Shiva Cannabis and betel leaves to get blessings.


Lord Shiva will be pleased if you offer curd, honey and perfume. It will give you the courage to get through your hurdles.


Mix curd, milk, honey, ghee and makhana to prepare panchamrit. Perform abhishek on Lord Shiva with this panchamrit, you will be bestowed with prosperity.


Add turmeric in milk and anoint with this mixture to Lord Shiva, you will be blessed with recognition.


Lord Shiva will be pleased by abhishek of coconut water.


Abhishek on Lord Shiva with sesame oil will give wealth.


Add saffron to milk and perform abhishek with this, Lord Shiva will be pleased and will bestow you with peace and prosperity.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal