New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: India is full of diverse religions, festivals and special days. And one such upcoming auspicious event is Rohini Vrat which is mainly observed in Jainism by women who, on this day, pray for the wellness and longevity of their husbands.

This vrat occurs once every 27 days, when Rohini Nakshatra rises in the sky after sunrise. It's a very significant day for the Jain community. This month it will be celebrated on September 27th, Monday. 

Rohini Vrat 2021: Date and time

  • Starting: September 26, 2021, from 02:33 pm
  • Ending: September 27, 2021 till 05:42 pm
  • Sunrise 06:11 am
  • Sunset 06:11 pm

Rohini Vrat 2021: Significance

Rohini Vrat is observed by Jain community, especially women, who observe the fast with sincerity and diligence. The special day is celebrated for the peace and tranquillity of the home and family. The fast begins when Rohini Nakshatra appears in the sky, it is the consort of the Moon and is regarded as the brightest star among all the stars. As per Vedic Astrology, the Moon is the governing planet of Rohini Nakshatra while Brahma is the Deity. Lord Vasupujya is one of the 24 Tirthankaras. On the day of Rohini Vrat, Lord Vasupujya is worshipped.

Rohini Vrat 2021: Story

There was a man named Dhanmitra who had a daughter with a bad body odour. He used to be tensed about it all the time. Therefore, he spoke about this problem to his friend who was king Vastu Pal of Hastinapur. King knew the story behind this, he told Dhanmitra that once a king called Bhupal and his queen Indumati were roaming in a forest, where they met Amritsen Muniraj. King asked the queen to prepare food for muniraj to which Queen didn't like to follow the order therefore, she cooked bitter food Tumhi (sort of gourd) for him. This made Muniraj deeply upset and he gave up his life. After seeing this, the king got very upset and expelled the queen out of his kingdom.

Later the queen suffered from leprosy and died after some time. Her next birth was that of an animal post which she was born again as Dhanmitra's daughter. Therefore, due to her past sins, she smells badly.

After getting to know the whole story, on the advice of the king, Dhanmitra and his daughter observed Rohini Vrat with devotion and sincerity for five years and five months. The daughter later got free from her previous sins and was accepted as a Devi in heaven.

Rohini Vrat 2021: Puja vidhi

- Women should take an early bath on this day preferably during Brahma Muhurat.
- Set up an altar with the idol of Jain God Vasupujya.
- Puja is performed by offering flowers, incense and prasad.
- Kanakdhara stotra is also recited.
- Prayers are offered to ask to be forbidden for the ill behavior and mistakes done.
- Fast begins after Rohini Nakshatra appears in the sky.
- Fast gets over when Mrigashira Nakshatra rises in the sky.
- Donations are made to poor and needy.
- Rohini Vrat is usually observed for three, five or seven years. Five years and five months are considered the proper duration for the fast.
- Rohini Vrat should be concluded with Udyapana.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal