New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The holy month of Ramadan or Ramzan has begun and people across the globe have started preparing for it in full swing. Do you know why it is the holy month for Islamic preachers? Because it detoxifies the soul and brings you closer to Allah. To detoxify the soul, one has to observe day-long fasts known as Roza, a whole month and are advised to have dinner with family.

Roza is considered mandatory for all the people who are mentally and physically healthy and only pregnant, breastfeeding and menstruating women are exempted from it. Muslim preachers who are observing Roza can eat two times a day, that is, during Suhur and Iftar. The first meal before sunrise is known as Suhur and the meal after the sunset is known as Iftar.

Well, this must be sounding exciting, however, it's not as easy as it appears. Every fasting comes with a set of rules, same way even Ramzan fasting has few set of rules that should be followed strictly.


1. Recite Quran

2. Offer prayers five times a day

3. Observing fast then, don't forget to have the Sehri (pre-dawn meal). Sehri can be a light snack, such as a few dates, fruits and a glass of milk. This will keep you nourished throughout the day.

4. Break the fast as soon as the sunsets. Always keep in mind, don't open the fast by having oily or heavy food, break the fast by having a glass of water and few dates. After having this, you can move on to other varieties you have prepared for Iftari.

5. Practice self-control and self-discipline

6. You can hug and kiss your spouse but no sexual intercourse

7. You can taste food without swallowing it.

8. You can apply eyeliner or use eyedrops and eardrops.

9. Doing charity in the holy month of Ramzan is considered auspicious.


1. Don't waste your time sleeping or watching TV. Do something constructive.

2. Sexual practice is forbidden during the holy month

3. Don't drink during the hours of fasting, however, you are allowed to wash your face mouth without swallowing the water.

4. Smoking is forbidden during fasting hours.

5. Don't listen to Bollywood or any other songs

6. Don't bad mouth people

Please Note: Those who are unable to observe fasting due to ill health or women, who are menstruating, will have to observe fasting as soon as they recover.

Posted By: Niharika Sanjeeiv