New Delhi| Jagran Lifestyle Desk: The sacred month Ramadan began on April 14 and in this pious month, Muslims observe fast for 30 days. There are five pillars of Islam, and fasting is known as the fifth pillar of Islam. Ramadan will conclude on May 13, and Muslims will bid this month goodbye by celebrating Eid.

In this month, Muslims offer prayers five times a day, and they keep a fast in which they consume only two meals. The fast in this month is known as Roza, and the meals which are consumed in Roza is known as Sehri and Iftar. The meals which are consumed in the pre-dawn is known as Sehri and the meal which is consumed in the dusk is known as Iftar. The timings of Iftar and Sehri are different from city to city.

Check out the timings of Sehri and Iftar of Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Hyderabad and other cities:

May 4, 2021, Iftar timings:

Delhi                              6:59 PM
Mumbai                          7:03 PM
Kolkata                           6:06 PM
Hyderabad                      6:38 PM
Bengaluru                       6:36 PM
Patna                             6:23 PM
Srinagar                         7:18 PM
Ahmedabad                    7:09 PM
Guwahati                       5:57 PM
Lucknow                        6:42 PM

May 5, 2021, Sehri timings

Delhi                            4:10 AM
Mumbai                        4:50 AM
Kolkata                        3:40 AM
Hyderabad                   4:30 AM
Bengaluru                   4:42 AM
Patna                         3:46 AM
Srinagar                     4:03 AM
Ahmedabad                4:42 AM
Guwahati                   3:18 AM
Lucknow                    4:00 AM

In this month, every Muslims keeps a fast except old people, women who are pregnant and children. However, they keep the fast in the later month or a later auspicious date.

According to the Islamic scriptures, the holy book of Islam, the Quran revealed itself to Prophet Muhammed on Laylat-al-Quadr. The Laylat-al-Qadr is known as the odd-numbered night during the last ten days of Ramadan.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma