New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It has been more than a year since COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down. And amidst this ongoing epidemic, there's hardly any happy news which one comes across throughout the day. This can not only be depressing but also demotivating and may even harm your work performance. And to top it all, in such a situation, strong leaders and employees of companies across the country are trying hard to function considering the economic pressure. 

In times like these and with the belief that only positive and motivated employees can power a company's revival, House of Cheer, a company promoted by Raj Nayak, has announced that it will provide one of its services, tech-enabled Employee Voice 24/7 platform, to small, medium and large companies, for six months for free.

Launched under the brand, employee voice 24/7 will be offered to every company (small, medium and large) across India for an extended period of six months. Employee Voice empowers 24/7 C-suite leaders to listen to their people to better understand how they are feeling in real time.

In all organizations, this service will enable each employee to anonymously share their views, opinions and feelings at any time during the day. The platform will showcase all individual employee feedback with actionable insights in a unique dashboard that can inform and empower leaders to improve communication for the systematic well-being of employees.

Namrata Tata, Managing Partner- House Of Cheer, said, "The world is still in the throes of the worst global disaster in living human memory, and the pandemic has impacted lives in unimaginable ways. As companies and their employees struggle to overcome the challenges, it is an undisputable fact that at all times, the state of mind of employees has an important bearing on both – their own happiness, and the performance and fortunes of the company.

She further added, "We have rolled out this free service to encourage organizations to connect with their people on a real-time basis. We would therefore encourage leaders of every organization, regardless of size, to make the Employee Voice 24/7 service a partner in their growth efforts. Because communication is a two-way street, and you need to hear from your people, just as much as they need to hear from you."

Organizations wishing to avail the free service for Employee Voice 24/7 can connect with the help of is a part of House of Cheer Networks Pvt Ltd. The company is India's first full-service people company, specializing in curation and consultancy, technology, media and entertainment hubs that seek to help companies remodel their business and growth strategy.

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal