New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Expressing your feelings to someone is a tough task. We often look for the right moment and right day to express what we feel. Valentine's week is finally here and all love birds are gearing up for it to express their love for their soulmates. The week begins with Rose Day and ends with Valentine's Day which is celebrated on February 14.

Today is the second day of Valentine's Day, this day is celebrated as Propose Day. Propose Day has a special significance as it gives you a chance to propose to your soulmate and express your feelings for them.

As Propose Day is here, the anxiety of people is also shooting high. Many people choose this day to shoot the big question while some just express their feelings in a way to make their partner feel special. However, all of it needs to be done innovatively. Now, if you are puzzled and is looking up for how you can propose, here we are for your help, check out these uber cool ideas:

Pets holding the placard

Pets are the best friend that never ditches you and they are sure of great help. Now, if you want to make your proposal look romantic and cool, just tie the placard that has the "proposal" written on it on your pet and take them in front of your lover. This surely would turn out to be the best proposal and you are going to hear the word "Yes" after it.

Propose with doughnuts

If your partner has a sweet tooth then this proposal is just the right fit for you. In this, all you need is some doughnuts and you have to place a tiny card over the top of it. In that tiny little card, you can write down the proposal and you need to place it really well so that it does not ruin your doughnuts. Gift them to your partner and tadah! you are done. Well, we know, it was smooth, so enjoy your day afterward with doughnuts.

Propose at the place where you first met

If you are planning to pop the big question, you should just go to the place where you first met. It would surely take you down memory lane and will make your partner feel that you remember the tiny details. Because details are the thing that matters the most.

Posted By: Deeksha Sharma