New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Pongal is one of the major festivals of Tamil Nadu which lasts for four days. Every year from January 14 to January 17, people in Tamil Nadu celebrate this festival. The auspicious festival marks the golden harvest, with farmers expressing their gratitude to rain and sun. The word Pongal means ‘overflow’ or ‘boiling over’ and also signifies the gradual heating of the Earth by the Sun.

As the festival is only a few days away, here are some details from dates to rituals of the auspicious festival:

When Pongal 2022 is celebrated?

The festival of Pongal is celebrated for four days starting January 14 to January 17. The first day is Bhogi Pongal: January 14, Friday and the second is called Thai Pongal or Surya Pongal: January 15, Saturday, meanwhile third is Mattu Pongal: January 16, Sunday and last is Kaanum Pongal: January 17, Monday

Pongal 2022: Shubh Muhurat

The shubh Muhurat for the Pongal celebration is at 2: 12 pm on the very first day.

Pongal 2022: How People celebrate the festival

On the major days of Pongal, Tamilians wake early in the morning and take bath. They decorate their houses by making traditional designs known as kolams with rice powder. This powder is available in white as well as various other colours. The kolams are drawn to welcome goddess Lakshmi, who is believed to bring wealth, prosperity, and happiness into the household.

On the very first day of the festival, a special pooja is conducted by cutting the paddy. Farmers honor the sun and the ground by putting sandalwood paste on their plows and sickles.

For the customary celebrations, various types of dishes using rice, jaggery, and lentils are prepared. People worship Cows and Bullocks on the holy festival.

Posted By: Ashita Singh