New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Popular harvest festival Pongal 2021 is being celebrated with much zeal and enthusiasm across the country, predominantly in the southern states, from today, January 14. The four-day festival commemorates the passing of the winter season and the beginning of the harvest season. On this day, farmers pay ode to the Sun God (the Suryan) and Indira, the god of rain, and hope for an abundant harvest.

So, those who are unaware of Pongal's history, significance and how it has traditionally been celebrated over the centuries, then here we are with detailed information. Check out below


Pongal originated as a Dravidian harvest festival and its history can be traced back to the Sangam Age, which spanned from 3 BCE to 3 CE. The festival is mentioned in an inscription in the Viraraghava temple, built during the Chola Period and dedicated to Vishnu. Pongal gets its name from one of the dishes prepared to mark the occasion.


Pongal commemorates the passing of the winter solstice and the beginning of the harvest season. The first day of the festival is known as “Bhogi” and is dedicated to Indra, the god of rain. The second day is known as Thai Pongal, the third day Mattu Pongal and the fourth-day 'Kaanum Pongal'. People worship and pay tribute to the Sun God as well as Lord Indra to attain better yields and adequate water for the crops. The festival is predominantly celebrated in the Tamil community. 


People begin multi-day celebrations by decorating their houses and offices. On the second day, they perform special puja to seek the blessings of the Sun God.  The following day, farmers decorate their kettle and worship them. The festivities end with communities organising social events on the final day to strengthen mutual bonds.

Posted By: Lakshay Raja