New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: A recent study by the researchers of King’s College London and  Guy’s and St Thomas’ Foundation Trust on Wednesday revealed that the people diagnosed with cancer more than 24 months ago are more likely to develop a severe COVID-19 infection.

The new study, published in Frontiers in Oncology, also revealed that cancer patients of Asian ethnicity and those who are receiving the palliative treatment for cancer are also more vulnerable to have severe COVID-19 infection.

The new study surveyed 156 cancer patients who also contracted the coronavirus between February 29 and May 12. out of the total, 82 per cent of patients have mild or moderate coronavirus while the remaining 18 per cent had severe COVID-19 infection.

The researchers also associated the demographics of these patients and clinical characteristics with Covid-19 severity or death using the advanced statistical methods.

After 37 days of first trials, 22 per cent of the total patients were found to have died. Also, the patients with Asian ethnicity, and those receiving palliative treatment, or a diagnosis of cancer more than 24 months before the start of coronavirus symptoms were found to be at higher risk of dying due to the deadly virus.

The patients who have dyspnoea (shortness of breath) or high CRP levels (common blood marker of inflammation) were also found to be at higher risk of dying due to the coronavirus.  

Severe Covid-19 infection was associated with presenting with fever, dyspnoea, gastrointestinal symptoms or a diagnosis of cancer more than 24 months previously.

Most of the 156 patients examined in the study were males hailing from a lower socio-economic background. Of the total, half were white males, while 22 per cent were black and 4 per cent pf the total are of Asian ethnicity.   

Hypertension was the most reported comorbidity followed by diabetes, renal impairment and cardiovascular disease. The most common tumour types were urological/gynaecological (29%), haematological (18%), and breast (15%). The largest proportion of cancers were haematological (36%) when classified according to Covid-19 severity.

Posted By: Talib Khan