New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Lord Shani is popularly known as beloved Justice deity. Shanidev blesses his devotees according to their deeds. Out of the nine planets, one planet is called Shani (Saturn) in Hindi. It is believed that Saturn is the slowest planet in the solar system and hence it is called Sannichar. Today is Saturday and according to the Hindu scriptures, Saturday is devoted to Lord Shanidev.

On this day, whoever worships Shani Dev with a sincere heart, has the grace of Lord Shani. To get rid of Shani defects, worshiping on this day is extremely auspicious. Today (Saturday), read a mythological story of Shani Dev, which revealed what Bholenath (Lord Shiva) did to avoid the evil of Shani.

According to some Pauranik stories, Shiva is said to be the Guru of Saturn (Shani). It is said that Shanidev was elected magistrate only by the grace of Lord Shiva. Once Shiva was seated on Kailash and Shanidev came to see him there. He bowed down to Shiva and apologised and said, O Bholenath! I am about to enter your zodiac sign. Because of that, you will not be able to escape from my curve (Vakra Drishti).

After that, Lord Shiva asked SHanidev that until when the curve would last. Shanidev said that it will last till the next day quarter past one. Shivji became an elephant the next day to avoid the curved vision of Shani Dev and then started touring the earth. After that, Shivji came back and told Shanidev that he had managed to escape from his Vakra Drishti.

Hearing this, Shanidev smiled and said that because of my eyesight, you were traveling all day on earth as an elephant. Shanidev told Shivji that the result of my own zodiac trip was that you had gone into the animal cunt. Mahadev smiled and said that everything has a balanced escape, its just that man needs to figure it out.

Posted By: Srishti Goel