New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Ekadashi of Bhadrapad Shukla Paksha is known as Parivartini Ekadashi. The special day is dedicated to Vamana Avatar, the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu came into being on this day. It is observed on the Ekadashi tithi that is on the eleventh day of the two lunar cycles, Krishna Paksh and Shukla Paksha of a month.

It is also called as Parsva Ekadashi. This year Parivartini Ekadashi will be observed on September 17. Know more about the auspicious day ahead

Parivartini Ekadashi: Date and time

  • Ekadashi tithi of Bhadrapad month Shukla Paksha will start on September 16 at 09:36 am.
  • It will end on September 17th at 08:07 am.
  • In Hindu culture Sunrise date that is udaya tithi is considered to be more auspicious therefore Ekadashi will be observed on September 17.
  • The devotees who will observe the fast on September 17 will conclude it on September 18th. Paran Time will be 06:07 am to 06:54 am.

Parivartini Ekadashi: Significance

Chaturmas starts with Devshayani Ekadashi when Lord Vishnu goes for Yoga Nidra under the Kshir Sagar. Parivartini Ekadashi is the fifth Ekadashi of this period. Lord Vishnu changes his sleeping posture on Parivartini Ekadashi and Parivartan means change, so that's how the name is given for this ekadashi. According to mythological beliefs, the devotees who observe rigid fast on Ekadashi are blessed with salvation, their sins done unknowingly are washed away.

Parivartini Ekadashi: Puja vidhi

- It is a three-day fast. One day before this ekadashi, devotees just have lunch and skip dinner. On the day of Ekadashi, hard fast is observed. And the other day after sunrise they can conclude the fast.
- Some people do it without water, some with fruits and some with satvik pure food.
- Early bath with puja of Lord Vishnu is performed.
- Tulsi leaves are favourite of Lord Vishnu, so along with fruits, sweets tulsi leaves are also offered.
- Recite the story of Parivartini Ekadashi.
- Reciting Vishnu Sahastranama is very auspicious.
- After aarti distribute prasad.
- Donation of fruits, food, cloth and money to brahmans is considered good.

Parivartini Ekadashi: Mantra

Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevay

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal