New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: It's been a year since PM Modi announced the countrywide lockdown which changed our lives upside down. Right from staying indoors 24x7 to wearing masks and maintaining physical distancing to working from home, a lot of such things are a part of the new 'normal' now. But admit it or not while this time has been difficult for most, it has taught us a lot. The tough times made us enter the kitchen and do the dishes, cook, and clean, all by ourselves. However, amidst the chaos we are all guilty of a number things while working from home. Well, no, we aren't talking about slacking off at work hours, but the things which you simply avoided due to pure laziness. 

Take a look at some of your favourite guilty things which you did while working from home. 

Not taking a bath regularly

Admit it, or not most of us have done that at least once. Since we were at our homes and didn't have to go to work, many skipped a shower minimum of one day in a week. Isn't it?

Catching a power nap

As much as getting a 15-minute nap was difficult at the workplace, it was easier while working from home. No boss and no colleague would disturb you if you steal a quick power nap. 

Used coffee mugs on the desk

There were two kinds of people in the world during lockdown, the ones who did the dishes immediately after eating, and then the ones who piled up a stack of plates and washed them after a few days. All thanks to aalas many found even a little chore like keeping a used mug in the kitchen quite a task.

Impulsive shopping

When you are not at your office desk and don't have 60 people staring at your screen, you can easily do whatever you want. Ahem! No, we don't mean anything dirty, just talking about guilty shopping. Yes, this is actually a fact, since people barely stepped out of their houses during lockdown and had their groceries and eatables delivered, many ended up ordering more than required. Also, even the ads of a lot of online delivery services promoted their apps like that only. 

Binge eating

One of the unhealthiest things we did during working from home is eating at the wrong time. Some people had their diets reduced while some had eating disorders which triggered fatigue, laziness, stress and other health issues. 

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal