New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Newborn Care Week is observed from November 15 to November 21 to raise awareness about the importance of newborn care for a child's survival and development. The first 28 days, the neonatal period, are crucial for a child's survival and it lays the foundation for a child's development. According to a data, nearly 25 kids per 1,000 die in the first 28 days of their birth and therefore it is important to spread awareness about newborn care. So as the world observes Newborn Care Week, here's a look at some common mistakes that most new parents make:

Don't be overprotective:

While it is natural to worry about your child, one common mistake that most of the parents make it they become 'overprotective' about the health and safety of their baby. While a baby needs care 24/7, doctors suggest that becoming overprotective can be harmful and parents need to avoid that.

Get a crib for your baby:

Not getting a crib for the baby is a mistake that many parents make. However, doctors suggest that babies should always be kept in a crib using a bed with parents can cause sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS.

Not letting the child cry:

According to doctors and health experts, crying is an important part of a child's development. They say that a baby might cry even after being completely fine and first-time parents might not get overprotective about it.

Take proper rest and sleep:

A newborn baby sleeps for nearly 18-20 hours a day. However, they sleep in parts, making it difficult for their parents. For first-time parents, doctors suggest that they must take proper rest and sleep when their baby is sleeping. This will help them stay fresh and avoid feeling tired and frustrated.

Burp your baby after every feed:

One of the common mistakes that parents make is that they don't burp their child after feeding them. Doctors suggest that parents should not get nervous about it and burp their child after every feed as it helps them a lot.

Don't ignore the fever:

Many parents ignore fever, believing that it is okay for a baby to stay warm. However, they should know that a normal temperature in babies and children is about 36.4C and they should not ignore it as it might be a sign of serious illness.

Never give your baby honey:

At many places, it is a tradition to give honey to babies or newborns. However, this should be completely avoided as honey contains bacterial spores that can cause stomach infection.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma