Happy Navratri 2022 Day 7: Know Puja Vidhi, Bhog, Mantras And Significance To Worship Maa Kalaratri

Navratri Day 7: Maa Kaalratri, also referred to as Goddess Shubhankari, is worshipped on the 7th day of Navratri.

Happy Navratri 2022 Day 7: Know Puja Vidhi, Bhog, Mantras And Significance To Worship Maa Kalaratri
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THE Auspicious festival of Navratri is here and devotees are celebrating this nine-day long festival across the country with great enthusiasm and joy. This year, Navratri started on September 26, 2022 and will end on October 5, 2022. During all these days, devotees worship different incarnations of Goddess Durga and each day is dedicated to a different avatar of Maa Durga. 

Meanwhile, October 2nd marks the seventh day of Navratri, and on this day devotees worship Maa Kalaratri, who is also referred to as Goddess Shubhankari. As per mythology, Goddess Kaalratri has a dark black appearance, unkempt hair, three eyes, and four hands. She is also portrayed as a destructive form of deity because of her dark colour.

Navratri Day 7: Significance:

When the Goddess Parvati removed her outer skin in order to kill demons named Shumbha and Nishumbha, she was called Goddess Kalaratri. Kalaratri is the most ferocious and fiercest avatar of Goddess Parvati. She rides on a donkey and in her right hands are Abhaya and Varada Mudra. She holds a sword and the deadly iron hook in her left hands. it is believed that Goddess Kalaratri blesses her devotees with Abhaya and Varada Mudras. Those who worship the Goddess are blessed with wisdom and good fortune.

Navratri Day 7: Colours:

Though everyday colours has its own significance, wearing orange colour on Day 7 of Navratri is considered auspicious.

Navratri Day 7: Mantra:

Om Devi Kalaratryai Namah॥

Navratri Day 7: Puja Vidhi:

On day 7 of the nine-day-long celebration, devotees should offer night-blooming jasmine to the diety as it is believed to be favourite flower of Kalaratri. You should perform the Puja with rice, bhog, flowers, incense sticks, ganga jal, dry fruits, and panchamrita.

Navratri Day 7: Prasad:

Anything that is made up of jaggery is offered to Maa Kaalratri as prasad.Meanwhile, on this day (Saptami), the devotees also do the sringar puja. During the puja, several cosmetic items that are used on a daily basis are offered to the Goddess in a set of two. These items are further split into two parts, while one set is offered to God, the other set is kept by the adherents as a form of prasad

Navratri Day 7: Stotra:

Him Kalaratri Shrim Karali Cha Klim Kalyani Kalawati।
Kalamata Kalidarpadhni Kamadisha Kupanvita॥
Kamabijajapanda Kamabijaswarupini।
Kumatighni Kulinartinashini Kula Kamini॥
Klim Hrim Shrim Mantrvarnena Kalakantakaghatini।
Kripamayi Kripadhara Kripapara Kripagama॥

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